Zodiac Sign: The 6 Layers of Your Personality

Zodiac signs have always been a controversial topic for many, but for those of us who are willing to give them a chance, it can open up a whole new world of inner understanding.

My zodiac sign is Cancer and by star personality definition, this means that I’m nurturing, emotional, and have quite the imagination. These traits are actually true in my case, however to other Cancers, not so much. In fact, according to my friends, I’m actually more of a Gemini. The reason? Gemini is actually my Rising Sign. The Rising Sign is how others portray you. So in my case, even though I was born a Cancer, I outwardly show the characteristics of a Gemini: extraverted, fashionably bold, and talkative.

What no one is telling you about zodiac signs is that each individual is made up of 6 basic layers of different zodiacs. So what are these layers, and what do they mean?


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Note: Signs Jupiter to Pluto are signs common to your birth year and we will not be covering those in this article.

Ascendant/Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign is how others portray you or how you show yourself to the world.

Sun Sign

The Sun Sign is the sign that each of us identify with. Typically this is the sign of the period you were born.

Moon Sign

How you deal with emotions is based on your Moon Sign. This can vary between how you feel love and how you feel emotions. Basically, your moon sign is a reflection of your inner self.

Mercury Sign

The Mercury Sign details your mental state and how you think, process information, and communicate.

Venus Sign

Your Venus Sign is how you deal with your relationships whether that be familial, friendship, or romantic. From a romantic standpoint, this can be how you act in a relationship, what you are looking for, and who you’re attracted to.

Mars Sign

The Mars Sign details an individual's base instincts, how they deal with conflict, sexuality, and drive for life.