Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations...

Something I find interesting about this statement is that, just by reading it, you’ve grasped some idea of what this article might be. You’ve expected something, but I’m here to inform you that this probably won’t fulfill your wish.

It’s difficult to talk about unrealistic expectations as a woman. So often we’re faced to confront the reality that there are so many ways this article can be said because there are so many things we’ve been compared to.

Our bodies have been ridiculed by the photoshopped pages we surround ourselves with. Our minds have been dismissed by the schools that prioritize our dress over our education. Our spirits have been compared to vicious and violent creatures.

This was something I found myself thinking about, as I watched the events of the women's march unfold this past weekend. Since I was unable to attend, I watched, captivated by the Instagram stories and the posts from dozens of girls standing up for themselves. It was a beautiful sight to see, and it gave me courage. It gave me hope for the new year.

I pray for a day when we stop comparing ourselves to others. Realistically, this may never happen. There may never be a time when we feel content without contrast. But that doesn’t mean that progress can’t be made. I encourage everyone this new year to look towards the positive, the bright, the light, and to remind themselves of the beauty they see each day in themselves.

Don’t let the people you’re compared to stop you. If anything, see it as a challenge to step up to the plate and prove that we’re all worthy in our own way.