Transfer Highlight: Caryna Caryan

Caryna is a transfer student that has touched the hearts of many and has inspired those she meets. She is a friend you can confide in and a woman who encourages her friends and acquaintances to reach for any dream they desire in any possible way she can. In the short time I have known Caryna; she has inspired me to always follow my dreams and never be afraid to try new things and embrace change. Here is a little about Caryna and why she is one of my favorite people at Pepperdine!

Name: Caryna Caryan   Age: 22   Year at Pepperdine: 2nd-year transfer student, Junior

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Glendale, CA

Favorite Song: "House" by Kindness Best Campus experience: Pacific Sounds!  

Favorite country to travel to?


Favorite thing about transferring into Pepperdine?

"Meeting so many talented and like-minded people who have helped me learn and grow."  

Least favorite thing about transferring into Pepperdine?

"The transfer process itself can be a bit isolating."

Advice to incoming transfers?

"Grab every opportunity that comes to you to network because who you know in college can really help when looking for jobs and adding to your skill set. Since transfers are coming in at a slight disadvantage, as they have less time on campus, it's important to act quick and go after what you want from your time at Pepperdine!"   Goals after graduating college?

"My goal is to work in the fashion industry either for a brand I love or one I've created myself!"  

What are you passionate about?

"I'm passionate about fashion, photography, travel, cinema, art, writing, my family and my close friends."