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Tired of the Library?: 5 New Study Spots


Payson Library is great. There’s plenty of space, the location is convenient, and the resources are endless. But sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Pepperdine may not be a huge campus, but there are still some great study spots that don’t get used enough.



1. The Sandbar Patio


If the whir of the Jamba Juice blenders and the constant piano music in the Sandbar is too much for you to handle, step outside onto the patio. It’s usually a quiet spot, with just a few people out there enjoying the ocean view. There are tables and chairs, which makes this a great spot for studying with a partner as well. The downside? There aren’t any outlets since it’s outdoors. Be sure to come with your laptop fully charged or print off online materials ahead of time when coming here.



2. Heroes Garden


If you aren’t familiar with Heroes Garden, it’s up at Drescher and was constructed to memorialize those who died on 9/11. If you need to do some deep thinking, this might be the right spot for you. Even when the water isn’t running (can’t this drought be over already?), Heroes Garden has a sense of peace and calm to it. Those who wander into it generally speak in soft voices out of respect, so don’t try working on any group projects up there. Like the Sandbar patio, Heroes Garden has an ocean view. However, it also has a beautiful view of main campus; it feels like you can practically see all of Pepperdine from there.



3. Alumni Park


If you’ve ever struggled with finding a spot in Payson during finals week, Alumni Park might be your solution. With what feels like endless grass, you’ll never have to worry about finding a spot here. It’s also a great study spot if you’re easily distracted. You’re surrounded by grass and the Pacific Ocean, and chances are you can find a secluded spot where you won’t run into anyone you know. If this sounds like the perfect fit, but you’re not interested in the long walk down, don’t worry. The orange shuttle has a stop right by Alumni Park’s entrance.



4. The Law School


Like Alumni Park, you won’t need to worry about getting distracted by friends here. The law school foyer has couches if you like to study in a comfortable environment, or if you’re there in the morning and don’t mind the noise, check out the law school caf. (And be sure to get a breakfast burrito while you’re at it!) This is another spot that’s easily accessible from the shuttle system if hiking up the CCB stairs doesn’t sound appealing to you.



5. The Beach


The beach may not exactly be on Pepperdine’s campus, but it’s a short walk or drive. (Tip: If you don’t have a car and want to cut the walk in half, take the shopping shuttle down to Ralph’s and then head over to the beach.) This isn’t the best location to bring a laptop, due to the water and sand, but it’s the perfect spot for reading homework. Set up your towel or chair, then enjoy the sound of the ocean while you read. This spot is especially great if your dorm room is unbearably hot; you get the ocean breeze and you can go for a dip whenever you need a study break!


Payson may seem like the only study spot sometimes, but try branching out. You may find you can get more done somewhere else. Even if these five spots aren’t for you, try exploring Pepperdine’s campus and see what you can find!


Photos courtesy of Ron Hall

Jenny Stephens is a junior at Pepperdine University majoring in journalism. If she's not in the newsroom, she's probably at mock trial practice or filming the sports games for work. In her spare time, she loves to cheer on her Chicago Cubs, play the electric guitar, and scrapbook.
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