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Ten Movies to Watch in October (When You Hate Scary Movies)

October is a great month; the air becomes crisp, the sweaters come out, and, if you’re lucky, you may even see a few leaves changing colors. To top it all off, the holiday season kicks off at the end of the month when we all have a perfectly valid excuse to dress up like anyone or anything we want. Moreover, to get into the Halloween spirit, many people enjoy watching scary movies or doing things like going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. However, if you’re anything like me, none of these things sound appealing, no matter who you are with! For this reason, I decided to put together a list of seven Halloween movies that will not make you want to go to sleep with the light on!

1. Hocus Pocus: Need I say more? This is the quintessential Halloween film that everyone needs to watch at least a few times in their lifetimes. It is a classic, and a great movie choice for a night in with friends or the family.

2. Casper (1995): This is the movie to watch when you’re just looking for something sweet. Casper is one of the most famous ghosts, and this movie captures him and his friendliness perfectly. Besides, the 90s fashion is great to see!

3. Casper Meets Wendy: This is a movie about Casper becoming best friends with a young witch played by Hilary Duff. What else do you really need?

4. Halloweentown: Disney Channel nailed it with this franchise about a teenage witch who becomes aware of her powers–against her mother’s wishes– when her grandmother tells her who she really is. Her grandmother also happens to live in Halloweentown, a Halloween-themed city! And to think it all began with Marnie and Aggie in 1998. 

5. Halloweentown High: This is probably my favorite of the four Halloweentown movies; the kids are a bit older and their grandmother decides to host a Halloweentown exchange program in their home. This results in many different other-worldly creatures studying in a regular U.S. high school. Of course, there are nearly-terrible consequences that make the movie all the more interesting. 

6. Twitches: Celebrate Halloween’s approach with a movie starring some of our fave alumni: the Mowry sisters!

7. Twitches Too: And do so again with the sequel; the costumes are great and the setting is pretty fun, too. 

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