So Now You're Thinking About a Master's Program

When I was 13 years old, I was voted “Most Likely to Be a Lawyer”, and my response was: “there is no way I am spending more than 4 years in college” and I stuck with that position…

Until this summer. Out of nowhere I started looking into master programs abroad. It would only be one more year of school, but even 1 year was more than I ever imagined myself doing. All throughout my junior year of college, when professors started to broach the topic, I just laughed it off said “doesn’t apply to me” and carried on with whatever I was doing. 


I’m sure you can guess  what changed. 


If you guessed COVID-19, you are correct. 

Looking at the job market currently, I started to wonder if I had as many qualifications as I could to give myself the best chance and I think part of it is also the question as to whether or not I’m ready to leave the structure of life that I’ve known for the past 16 years. 


My entire life has been structured around the school system and it didnt hit me until I really thought about it, but yeah if I don’t do a grad program, this is the last year of life as I know it.  I was unsure for quite a few months as to whether or not grad school was the right move, but now I’m certain that I at least want to apply to some programs and see what happens.  There’s nothing wrong with changing your plans or having back up ones. We’ve all heard it before, but this year is unlike anything we’ve seen before, a little change is to be expected. 


How has this year made changed your future plans?