Snapshot: Power Outage


Freak out! There's nothing more eerie on the eve of Halloween than a complete power outage on, not only all of Pepperdine's campus, but in all of the 'Bu. With incentive to start the Halloween festivities early, the inability to use any appliances in our apartment, and all classes cancelled for the rest of the day, my roommates and I took to Third Street Promenade to scope out the latest fashion trends and any potential last-minute additions to our Halloween costumes. ShopHouse filled bellies and newly purchased button-down skirts in tow, we rode down the overused, but always loved, picture-perfect PCH with the windows down, our music blasting, and the sun setting. We decided to create beauty in the madness, and I strongly urge you to do the same. Whenever life may seem too stressful or when your surrounding environment is moving a bit too fast, take a break, chart your own story, and leave everything else behind.