Oscars: The Failing Five and the Fabulous Five

Photo from Huffington Post

Another Hollywood awards season has come and gone. The fashion during these shows is always fun to watch, compare, and keep track of. There are always some amazing jaw-dropping works of art that make you want to give the celebs donning them a standing ovation from your living room as they rock that red carpet. However, there are also those that make you cringe and cover your eyes until someone who is looking presentable comes along. Regardless, most people would agree that one of the best parts of awards season is the fashion. With the 2017 Oscars now having occurred a couple of weeks ago, we can look back at the fashion with a more objective perspective. Here are my picks for the five best and five worst dresses of the 2017 Academy Awards.

The Failing Five

1. Blanca Blanco: There is sexy and then there is this... I am all for deciding on how much skin you want to show (#feminism), but that doesn't mean I will always think it looks good. In this case, it just didn't look good, B. And then there was the wardrobe malfunction; I mean, you were playing with fire, girl!

2. Janelle Monae: Which spaceship crashed and assembled into this dress?

Dress Designer: Elie Saab, Photo from Harper's Bazaar

3. Dakota Johnson: This dress is more fit for a waitress at a Renaissance-themed restaurant than an actress attending the Oscars.

Dress Designer: Gucci, Photo from Harper's Bazaar

4. Naomie Harris: This could have been a cool look if she had been attending a cocktail party of some sort, but even then, it's like a cocktail dress with a cape... Kind of unnecessary. 

Dress Designer: Calvin Klein, Photo from Vogue

5. Teresa Palmer: This dress just did not hit the mark. It is weirdly shaped and also looks like it belongs in the ocean among jellyfish. 

Dress Designer: Prada, Photo from Harper's Bazaar

The Fabulous Five 

1. Taraji P. Henson: Slaying!! What else is there to say? She looked stunning and rocked the red carpet. AND THAT NECKLACE! GORGEOUS! We should all strive for this level of glamorous. *Sigh*

Dress Designer: Alberta Ferretti, Photo from Harper's Bazaar

2. Emma Stone: The Best Actress winner channelled a 1920s flapper with this look, and she looked absolutely beautiful while doing it! Needless to say, she is Hollywood royalty. 

Dress Designer: Givenchy Couture, Photo from Harper's Bazaar

3. Ruth Negga: She looked so beautiful in this red dress. She was elegant, poised, and even supported a good cause by wearing an ACLU ribbon.

Dress Designer: Valentino, Photo from Vogue

4. Viola Davis: How can one not love Viola? She was glowing in this beautiful and classy red dress that showed off her curves and just the right amount of skin. 

Dress Designer: Armani Privé, Photo from Harper's Bazaar

5. Brie Larson: The actress looked so pretty in this dress. It was classic, while still being unique enough to make her look like a real mermaid — in the best way possible, of course.

Dress Designer: Oscar de la Renta, Photo from Harper's Bazaar