New Music to Enjoy this Long Weekend

The new decade is off to a start and the new music coming out is just *chef’s kiss*. Whether you’re going somewhere this long weekend or slumming it on campus and savoring the first days of being able to sleep in, here are my personal new music recommendations.

  1. Halsey has been dropping singles from her her newest album, the most recent being “You Should be Sad” but now the whole album is out for you to enjoy.

  2. Yeah, I’m not ever going to stop suggesting Alec Benjamin to people so...

  3. I’m not tired of the Jonas Brothers releasing new music; are you?

  4. I’ve always found Hayley’s songs to be a bop and kind of perfect for a relaxing long weekend. 

  5. Okay so this came out last week, but in case you were too busy with the first week of spring semester to have a listen here’s your chance. Enjoy! 


  6. I loved the American Authors in high school. I mean “Best Day of My Life” the anthem of every summer day I had. And I sense “Microphone” is going to make its way onto a number of my playlists.

  7. I got to see him in concert and these songs just hit you with the feels.