Networking When You're Out and About

Pepperdine University is known for it’s connections and alumni networking. However, networking does not have to be limited to Pepperdine hosted networking events, rather, it should extend beyond. For example, I had a friend who’s dream it was to work in the fashion industry, so she attended a Rebecca Minkoff fashion show with her resume in hand and managed to land a summer fashion internship in New York City. So how do you network properly when you're off campus and off the computer? #HCPepperdine has the scoop on 3 tips to expanding your network base:

1. Always keep your resume and elevator pitch with you.

So it might require purchasing a larger bag to hold your folder of resumes, but it is absolutely necessary if you’re looking for a job or internships. After all, in a city like LA, you never know who you’re going to meet.

2. Attend social company events (especially if they’re free).

So you want to work for the tech industry and Microsoft happens to be hosting a free fair to expose their new products. Attend the event no matter how small or intimidating it may seem. You can meet so many people at these corporate events. And if they’re free, then you have no excuse.

3. Be nice to everyone.

The people you know and the people you’re already friends with may be able to help you in some way in the future. Maybe your best friend might become some successful CEO one day and maybe you might just be in need a job. Hence, try to be nice to everyone because people will remember you.