My (Updated) New Year’s Six and other Bowl Game Picks

Warning: If you do not care about college football, there is no point in reading this article. 

Football is a big part of college, even if your school, like Pepperdine, doesn’t have a team. The Baylor Bears have always been, and will always be my team and I make sure I’m able to keep up with their football games whether that means watching on the tv, checking my phone, or listening to the radio. Come Game Day I am there.

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

College football season is once again going by too fast. But, with the end approaching it allows us to make some exciting choices: bowl game predictions. The current College Football Playoff rankings are as such:

  1. Ohio State (12-0)

  2. LSU (12-0)

  3. Clemson (12-0)

  4. Georgia (11-1)

  5. Utah (11-1)

  6. Oklahoma (11-1)

  7. Baylor (11-1)

  8. Wisconsin (10-2)

  9. Florida (10-2)

  10. Penn St (10-2)

  11. Auburn (9-3)

  12. Alabama (10-2)

  13. Oregon (10-2)

  14. Michigan (9-3)

  15. Notre Dame (10-2)

  16. Iowa (9-3)

  17. Memphis (11-1)

  18. Minnesota (10-2)

  19. Boise St (11-1)

  20. Cincinnati (10-2)

  21. App State (11-1)

  22. USC (8-4)

  23. Virginia (9-3)

  24. Navy (9-2)

  25. Oklahoma St (8-4)

Some big bowls games are:

  • Camping World Bowl (Big 12 v. ACC/ND)

  • Alamo Bowl (Big 12 v. Pac-12)

  • Holiday Bowl (Big Ten v. Pac-12)

  • Citrus Bowl (Big Ten v. SEC)

  • Outback Bowl (Big Ten v. SEC)

  • Gator Bowl (SEC v. ACC/Big Ten/ND)

With the current rankings, I have these predictions:

  • Camping World Bowl: Notre Dame v. Oklahoma St

  • Alamo Bowl: Texas v. USC

  • Holiday Bowl: Michigan v. Washington

  • Citrus Bowl: Auburn v. Wisconsin

  • Outback Bowl: Minnesota v. Tennessee

  • Gator Bowl: Indiana v. Kentucky

These are the New Year’s Six bowl games:

  • Cotton Bowl Classic (2 teams from Power 5 Conference)

  • Fiesta Bowl (CFP Semifinal)

  • Peach Bowl (CFP Semifinal)

  • Orange Bowl (ACC v. Big Ten/SEC/ND)

  • Rose Bowl (Big Ten v. Pac 12)

  • Sugar Bowl (Big 12 v. SEC)

With the current rankings, I have these New Year’s Six predictions:

  • Cotton Bowl Classic: Memphis v. Florida

  • Fiesta Bowl: LSU v. Clemson

  • Peach Bowl: Ohio State v. Oklahoma 

  • Orange Bowl: Virginia v. Alabama

  • Rose Bowl: Penn St v. Utah

  • Sugar Bowl: Baylor v. Georgia

And, then there is the CFP championship game (Fiesta Bowl winner v. Peach Bowl winner). For this, I think LSU will play and defeat Ohio State.


We find out on Sunday if I am right! *fingers crossed*


And don’t forget...Sic’em Bears!