My Top 5 Songs from Justin Bieber's New Album

I grew up thoroughly in love with Justin Bieber and fangirling every second I got, just like many other girls my age. But I slowly grew out of enjoying his music as I aged — until now. His new album, Justice, is everything I needed and more to kick off spring and this upcoming year, which will (hopefully) be better than the last. I can honestly say that I am once again radiating with a Bieber Fever (I am deeply sorry for how cringey this may sound)! So, here are my top 5 songs from JB’s latest album:

  1. 1. "Peaches"

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This song is officially a BOP. I don’t know that I have ever eaten a peach from Georgia, but this song makes me want to fly to Atlanta right now and try one. Also, I love it when songs mention my state (California) because it just makes me feel special.

  2. 2. "Anyone"

    This song makes my heart pitter-patter. JB released this one prior to the full album release, and let me just tell you, one of the highlights of my year has been my boyfriend playing this song in the car and vibing out with me. It’s an absolute masterpiece to listen to with your honey.

  3. 3. "Lifetime"

    I’m not sure if I love this song because of the way he says “darling” or because I have just turned into the sappy, hopeless romantic that I never wanted to be. Either way, this song kinda rocks my world. His voice: angelic. The music: magical.

  4. 4. "There She Go"

    Ladies, if you need a new hype song, this is it. This song is a major confidence boost and, once again, a bop.

  5. 5. "Off My Face"

    It’s the vocal range for me. The way JB hits the high notes in this gives me CHILLS. Also, here goes my sappy, hopeless, romantic not-so-alter-ego coming out again.

If you haven’t listened to JB’s new album yet and need some recommendations on which songs to listen to first, go give these a listen!