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Original photo by Natalie Hardt

My COVID-19 Wedding Adventure

Dressing up? Going to an event with over 100 people in attendance?? During COVID-19??

This is exactly what I did a few weeks ago at a friend's wedding, and, after an event-less year with almost no occasions to change out of sweatpants, it was so exciting!

The wedding was black tie optional, so my roommates and I went all out, donning former prom dresses, statement makeup, and sky-high heels. Our glam looks were quite the change from the typical jeans-and-a-T-shirt look we had been rocking all semester, and we sure took advantage of the excuse to dress up, getting ready hours ahead of the big event.

[bf_image id="n896f8nh43kpzx5ctf6s"] The wedding itself was charming, with a beautiful bride, handsome groom and a very sweet ceremony. At the reception, my roommates and I reconnected with friends, and I was even able to meet someone I’d only known virtually all semester in class!

Gathered around the dinner table, my friends and I created alter egos and developed elaborate backstories, laughing our way through dinner. 

The best part came post-dinner: dancing! Even though half the time it was only my two roommates, my (platonic) date and I, we spent hours spinning across the dance floor. 

I was back in my element, mingling and connecting with people new and old. It was delightful to be back in a crowd and to be able to dance in a large group. 

I look forward to more opportunities to gather with the people I love — especially in large groups! — as COVID-19 continues to improve, and hope you all get a similar chance soon too!

Natalie Hardt

Pepperdine '21

Hi! My name is Natalie and I'm a senior at Pepperdine studying Integrated Marketing Communications and Art. Some of my favorite activities are painting, board games, beach days, and exploring new places with friends and family!
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