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My Campus Feature: 3 Tips to Survive Midterm Season



Let’s face it, midterm season is upon us. In the next few days or week, you may find yourself cramming for multiple subjects at a time, holding onto a wellspent PSL for dear life, and failing to get sufficient sleep for days on end. While midterm season may be inevitable, there’s definitely ways to make it easier and more efficient.The tips below can help you survive the stress-filled series of exams that every college student dreads.  


1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Time flies. Although your workload may not seem too heavy now, by the time a series of midterms rolls around the corner, you will be begging for the hours you wasted watching the premiere of your favorite TV show (I recommend Scandal). Hours of which you will never get back. Everyday, however, is another opportunity to get it right. So, take the time to prepare those coveted study guides or notecards that make studying so much more efficient now. More importantly, prepare the best way you know how. Whether it’s isolating yourself in the Payson study rooms or surrounding yourself in the hustle and bustle of the caf, go to a place where your focus is maximized.


2. Reward Yourself

This tip is so underrated. Reading can be so tedious. One way to make it easier is to eat your favorite snack after one paragraph or every few paragraphs for an instant award. Earning the reward will motivate you to get it all done. Sitting down to focus can be rough, especially if it’s done day in and day out. Another reward option might be giving yourself a night of some much needed r&r (netflix binge watching and popcorn included). Though positive reinforcement is one of the most effective study habits, make sure not to let it last too long; the longer it lasts, the worse your grade.

3. Grab a Friend

Studying alone can get annoyingly frustrating, but when you study with someone who is going through the same thing, you create a strong bond with someone new and increase your chances of getting a better grade. Talking it out and reflecting on the main components of the test really cement details you probably already knew. Hearing your own voice, along with someone else’s, is a much more fun way to learn. Remember, those who suffer together stay together. There’s nothing better than making new friends and getting As.

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