Metabolism-Boosting Tips That Might Help You Lose Weight

When I was 9 years old, I was put on a diet for being moderately obese. When I say this today, my friends don’t believe me because they see me eating all the time and yet I never seem to gain any weight. Now I’m not one for taking pills even when I’m really sick. So how did I do it? Stay tuned to read about my answer.

Note: This will not work for everyone because there are many aspects of weight gain that have to do with heredity and other factros. This is simply an article that may help boost your metabolism.

3 Ways I Boosted my Metabolism and Lost Weight:

1. Eat 5-6 meals a day

While this may be a lot for some, this is a way to keep your metabolism working for long periods. These meals should be of a variety and if the temptation of steak or chocolate seems too much at first, then an initial calorie counting may be necessary. Once you’re body builds up it’s metabolism to where you feel you need more meals, then you can forget about calorie counting. You’re body will burn it off faster than its prior speed.

2. Never eat to be full

There’s the catch. You may be able to eat 5-6 meals or more a day, but you should never eat to be full. Why? Because being full actually slows your metabolism down. The effect is even worse if the first thing you do is sit down and fall asleep. The best way to combat this is to eat just enough so that you aren’t full and aren’t hungry. Use portion control if need be through smaller bowls and plates – effective ways to trick your mind into thinking that you’ve eaten a full meal.

3. Avoid feelings of Hunger

Starving yourself brings about the same effect as being too full. Some people often starve themselves in the morning by forgoing breakfast because they don’t feel hungry and then have a huge meal to compensate towards the end of the day. This is a mistake because your metabolism will already be slow from little food intake at the beginning of the day that when a big meal comes along, it’s not just going to magically break down foods at full force.