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Living Life in the Present in Malibu

A few days ago, I attended my weekly club convo where our group leader asked us to think of ways to truly live life in the present. With this semester having flown by (as tends to happen), and nearly over, it is important to remember to enjoy the now. This seems particularly an issue for us seniors who may be concerned about what is next. I realized, though, that some of my most memorable moments in my past are those that I truly absorbed and focused on as they were happening. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to actually live life in the present and enjoy the little things. We all know the saying: “Stop and smell the roses.” Here are a few places where you can take a few moments to pause, regroup, breathe, and love life! 

1. Heroes Garden: This is the sanctuary on campus that so many people do not ever visit, but you should! It has an incredible view of the campus, ocean, and the city of Malibu. It is so calming to just go up there and look out at the beauty that surrounds us. It’s also nice to come across some of the Pepperdine wildlife, which can often be found in that less busy area of campus. The best part is that it is there as a memorial for Thomas E. Burnett, Jr. who is a true American hero who stood for American freedom during the 9/11 attacks.

2. Ralph’s Beach: This beach is small, cozy, and close to campus. Stop by before doing your groceries for a few minutes to watch the waves crash and take a moment to soak everything in. Sometimes a beach is all you need to realize that everything is going to be okay, and we are lucky enough to have one just steps away.

3. Malibu Pier: This pier is way less crowded than the Santa Monica pier, especially during a weekday. This is a great place to go with friends and enjoy each other’s company when taking a break from school and/or work. Take pictures, sure, but remember to also appreciate the environment around you and focus more on the people you’re with than on those who will be looking at your Instagram picture later!

4. Sunlife: Let’s face it, Sunlife is our unofficial go-to pick-me-up destination as Pepperdine students. Take advantage of the Malibu lifestyle while living here and go get an acai bowl before heading to the beach, or a smoothie before heading to your afternoon classes. It will help you enjoy the moment more and make the present a bit more fun.

Regardless of what you do, remember to take the time to absorb the moment and remember the details. Make yourself focus on what you are living at that time and capture it as a mental photograph to think about later. Just take a few seconds to do this, and then go back to living it!

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Paola Ramos


I'm a Pepperdine University senior from Texas. I'm a Leo, a total dog lover, and an avid reader. Spanish is my first language, so I am bilingual and working on being trilingual (I just need to turn my conversational French into fluent French). I love to write; it's a way of life!
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