If You're Looking For New Content On Your Insta Feed, Check Out These 5 Artists

As a student who used to have art class every day in high school for three years straight, it can be hard not to have that daily creative outlet anymore. In fact, it is hard to create any sort of art if you are not being inspired by other artists. If you want to be a writer, read more. If you want to make music, listen to more music. If you want to paint, familiarize yourself with more art and different artists. 

With the likes of Instagram and other social media platforms, it has never been so easy to see what other artists around the world are doing. 

I have put together a list of 5 artists who inspire me with the art that they create. All of them are young female artists with different art styles and preferences in mediums. Follow them if you would like to be inspired or if you just like to have amazing works of art fill your Instagram feed.

  1. 1. Jimena Reno -  @himepaints/jumenareno

    Jimena Reno is a young woman who studied art in Spain before moving to Los Angeles. Her YouTube channel (Jim Ren) is what initially caught my attention as actually shows the process she goes through while narrating in her soothing voice.

  2. 2. Hetty Lawlor - @hettylawlor

    Hetty Lawlor is a teenager from Ireland. She was a finalist in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of Year 2018: an entertaining art competition that you can watch on YouTube (https://youtu.be/Y3-ZpVekXs8) where artists paint celebrity sitters on the spot. Though she was not chosen as the winner, she was my favorite of the bunch. Her likeness is remarkable and creative style is so refined, especially for her age.

  3. 3. Filipa Santos - @pypahs_art

    Filipa Santos is a Portuguese artist who is currently studying animation in the UK. Her style of art is very unique and mixes realism with cartoon-like qualities. She is also a YouTuber (Pypah’s Art) who experiments with different techniques and mediums. She admits when she thinks something hasn’t worked out but still creates astounding outcomes. Her sketchbook tours are my personal favorites.

  4. 4. Lena Danya - @lenadanya

    I found Lena on YouTube and amongst all the artists, she has the most realistic style. As I’ve noticed, she mostly does landscape paintings with oil paints. Her realistic creations of beautiful landscapes and human subjects are good motivation for any artist that strives to paint more realistically.

  5. 5. AmandaRachLee - @amandarachlee

    AmandaRachLee is a young woman who is based out of Toronto. She has earned fame for her calligraphy and stationery-based art. She has contributed greatly to the popularity of Bullet Journaling. Her cute, aesthetically pleasing journal entries are inspiring not only for art but for motivating you to become more organized.