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How to Pass Your Toughest Class


If you’re taking a class this semester that seems impossible, take a deep breath. Hard work is key, but there are other things that can help you out too. Check out these strategies you can use that’ll help you pass the class:


1. Take Advantage of Office Hours


There’s no excuse for not doing this. All professors are required to have office hours and you’ll find that they’re often happy to help. Even if you feel like their teaching style is too fast or confusing in class, in a one-on-one setting you’ll be able to ask them to slow down or clarify things. Plus, professors appreciate when you make an effort to seek help outside of class.


2. Find a Study Buddy


If you have a friend in that class, great. If not, find someone you want to work with. Choose wisely, but keep in mind that different people will have different things to offer. If your study buddy is struggling too, you can learn the material together and balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Or if your study buddy is acing the class, it’s good review for he or she to teach the material to someone else. Having a study buddy will also help hold you accountable. Studying together is always more fun than studying alone (but try to stay on task) and you can ask each other questions whenever you need to.


3. Work Ahead


Putting in effort and not understanding the material is one thing, but falling behind and not understanding it is hard to recover from. If your professor gives you a syllabus, try to stay ahead of schedule. You’ll be able to ask more informed questions in class if you already are aware of what’s confusing you. Plus, if you ever get sick or have something come up, you won’t need to be concerned about falling behind.


If you’re struggling in a class this semester, don’t panic! It’s still early, and by using these three tips, you’ll be able to turn things around in no time. You can do it!

Jenny Stephens is a junior at Pepperdine University majoring in journalism. If she's not in the newsroom, she's probably at mock trial practice or filming the sports games for work. In her spare time, she loves to cheer on her Chicago Cubs, play the electric guitar, and scrapbook.
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