Holiday Survival Kit Must Haves

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

With the holidays coming everyone is excited and getting ready. And as much as we love the holidays, sometimes they’re hard to survive. So listen up ladies, because here is what you need to have in your holiday survival kit.


Alba Botanica ® Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Revive Gel

No one gets good sleep during the holidays. It’s just not possible when you’re sharing a bed with at least one family member, and the young ones are running around all hyped up on Christmas cookies. But with this bad boy, you get a quick wake up call, and you get to be rid of those puffy sleep-deprived eyes.


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes™

No holiday look is complete without some flawless lashes, and this mascara is a go-to for every occasion. With just a few swipes your lashes will look fabulous and will be the talk of the party. The best thing though? No pesky clumps.


Being Salted Caramel & Macadamia Hand Cream and Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Hand Cream

The holidays tend to be chilly no matter where you’re from or where you’re staying. And with the cold comes the dryness, especially if you’re out and about getting things done. The solution? Carry a little tube of Being Hand Cream with you to keep your hands moisturized.


Krazy Glue All-Purpose Singles 4ct.-0.5g

I know it sounds weird, but Krazy glue can be a life saver. Whether you need to fix a decoration ASAP or are doing crafts with the little ones, ytou never know when life can get Krazy, and it always does during the holidays. So be prepared.


#ActuallySheCan Tanks, created in partnership with Le Motto

Who doesn’t like have comfy tank tops to chill in? And the #ActuallySheCan Tanks are just that: super comfy tank tops that you can work out in, do yoga in, or sleep in, whatever your heart desires.