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After months of planning, petitions, and training a year ago Her Campus Pepperdine launched.

I discovered Her Campus when I was in high school and knew I wanted to be a part of it if possible. During my very first week of college, I saw flyers for HC Pepperdine and was writing articles before the second week was up. I wrote one to two pieces every week and was shocked when I was always asked questions about it when I was being interviewed for internships, jobs, etc.

And then Sophomore year I went abroad and the chapter became inactive.  

I wanted to bring Her Campus back to Pepperdine to provide a space for our writers to talk about what they’re passionate about and to create a community where those voices are supported and encouraged. Looking back on this year I can see how being Campus Correspondent has changed me and made me better. Not only do I now have a leadership position on my resume like VMock would not stop telling me to get, but I’ve also grown into the position knowing that I can support new members and the community as a whole. I’m responsible for keeping the chapter together and am so thankful for my amazing team that makes my job worth ever late night or surprise thrown my way that needs to be handled ASAP.

It’s been an interesting year, to say the least, to be leading a new chapter, but in the end, I’m proud of what we have accomplished and have such high hopes for the future of HC Pepperdine.

Melissa Locke

Pepperdine '21

This is my senior year of college and I'm a Public Relations major with a Creative Writing outside concentration. I was born and raised in So-Cal and love it so much I couldn't go too far. As much as South California is my home, I adore traveling and learning about other cultures. A Disney fan to the core you can find me watching any of their movies, or breaking my bank account at Disneyland, and if not I'll probably be reading, writing, or enjoying the Malibu climate. 
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