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The Four Ingredients for the Perfect Movie Night

We all love watching movies; no matter the genre or era, movies are a way for us to step away from our reality and experience something away from our world. There is a difference between watching a movie, and having a movie night and the difference between the two are these four ingredients. 

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1. Snack and Food! 

As we all know one of the best parts of going to the movie theater, despite the price, is the snacks! Now since you’re having a movie night, and not a trip to the movie theater, so forget about the dinner before or after the movie and have one during. If it’s possible even throw in some thematic food, but if not whatever you like —I always suggest pizza with a side of popcorn and tons of candy!


2. Friends

Now without being too on the nose, having friends has a few requirements. If you have roommates there’s an easy fix for the friend ingredient, but if not we live in the digital world and where there’s a will (and helpful timezones and a strong wifi connection). There a few ways to do this that have become popular since quarantine. Netflix party is very popular, but Netflix doesn’t have everything. When that fails there is the good old fashioned attempt at synchronized starts and Zoom/Facetime reactions and commentary. 


3. Comfy Place

There’s nothing worse than starting a movie and then having to keep moving around because your back, neck, etc won’t stop aching and going numb. We all have our comfy binging spot so get in it with all your food, blankets, and more around you on your couch, bed, even the floor if that’s where you wanna be. 


4. Movie

It could take some time, but obviously the movie is the most important thing here. When it comes to movie nights, especially with friends in person or remotely, try and choose the movie ahead of time. It will prevent the food from going cold and friends annoyed while you choose something to watch. If there’s a movie coming out that’s the perfect reason to have a movie night right now with so many movies having their releases pushed back or released on streaming sites getting to watch something you’ve all been looking forward to is a great smidgen of normalcy.

Melissa Locke

Pepperdine '21

This is my senior year of college and I'm a Public Relations major with a Creative Writing outside concentration. I was born and raised in So-Cal and love it so much I couldn't go too far. As much as South California is my home, I adore traveling and learning about other cultures. A Disney fan to the core you can find me watching any of their movies, or breaking my bank account at Disneyland, and if not I'll probably be reading, writing, or enjoying the Malibu climate. 
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