Food: The Common Hot Spots for Pepperdine Students

Let’s face it, the cafe food isn’t always that great and sometimes it gets boring eating the same thing all the time. Like who likes to eat salad three times in the same day? Call me a foodie, but here are some of the most common foods Pepperdine students tend to eat.



Every Pepperdine student has had In-N-Out at least three times. It’s impossible to avoid, and if you haven’t had one yet, what are you waiting for? Literally every student talks about this burger place. There are so many ways to eat your burger or cheeseburger! There’s animal style, lettuce bun burger, or just plain. In-N-Out is pretty cool, and it comes to Pepperdine often to provide us with FREE burgers!


Sunlife Organics

It’s part of a Pepperdine student’s diet. Everywhere you go, students are always carrying a bowl or cup from Sunlife. I finally had my first Sunlife last weekend, and it’s definitely for those looking for something healthier to eat. It is roughly around $8 a bowl.


Lily’s Burrito

Have you ever thought about having breakfast on the beach, burrito in hand? Well let me tell you, it’s both cool and yummy. Lily’s Burrito isn’t just any kind of burrito. They are most famous for their breakfast burritos that consist of eggs, cheese, bacon, and beans. It does get pretty busy in the mornings until noon, but it’s definitely worth the wait. The cost of a breakfast burrito is about $7, but be warned - you need to spend about $10 to use card. It’s definitely a place where Pepperdine students like to chill and also get Sunlife. Plus you might also spot a celebrity like I did.


Part of the reason why Chipotle is so popular with Pepperdine students, is because it’s so close by. It’s the healthier version of regular Mexican food, and you can have your food in a bowl or burrito. Personally, I am not a fan of Chipotle, but I have gone several times. If you’re looking for something fast, then Chipotle is the way to go.


Located on Sawtelle Blvd, Tatsu is definitely a hotspot for students. This ramen shop is jam-packed at all hours of the day. Many of my friends and I like to go on spontaneous Tatsu runs at midnight and get boba right after. It’s definitely better than your typical college ramen cup. So get some friends together and hit the ramen shop up.


Chick Fil A

You can totally find Chick-Fi- A around campus. It's usually given for free during events or being sold on campus by fundraising students. Remember to stop by main campus, you might find some there, and don’t forget your sauce.

Korean BBQ

Whether you’re Korean or not, you have probably heard other students making plans about trying this delicious, mouth-watering, and all you can eat food. Korean BBQ or KBBQ, is pretty popular at Pepperdine, or at least amongst certain groups of students.


Malibu SeaFood

It’s close and near the sea. Students who are looking for a pretty chill environment that offers seafood, have been known to go here. It’s pretty good in my opinion, and it’s a cool place to have dinner with friends and family.