Five Healthy Hipster/Trendy Restaurants in LA to Visit

I think that Southern California defines the beauty standards of being fit and healthy. As the years go by, more and more people are becoming health conscious in what they decide to eat. Just the other day, I was feeling a little gross from all the fast food I'd been eating due to the stress of Policy (what can you do? It's the struggle of being a college student), that I opted to go to a vegan marketplace to grab my dinner. That's why #hcpepperdine, has decided to make a list of vegan restaurants you need to try in the LA area. And don't worry. We haven't forgotten about the actual fun of adventuring in LA, so this list is vegan restaurants with a Hipster/Trendy ambiance:

1. Gracias Madre

Last week, I came here for a birthday brunch, and it instantly sparked my curiosity about vegan food because it was so so good! Located near Melrose Place, this restaurant serves Mexican fusion vegan food. It's a great place to take your girlfriends and I'd even classify it as an Insta-worthy restaurant. No joke, this place is so pretty, especially if you can get seated on the outside patio. I ordered the Quesadilla de Calabaza, and the cravings for it since have been non-stop.

2. Cafe Gratitude

New to Vegan food? This one's a game changer. Located in the Los Angeles Arts District, Cafe Gratitude serves dishes that are 100% vegan. Commentators praise the vibe as something akin to the Garden of Eden and the friendly staff members brighten the whole experience. While I've never personally been here, it is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in LA, and I'd highly advice trying it if you're ever in the area.

3. True Food Kitchen

If you've been at Pepperdine for at least a year, then you've probably heard of True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica. While not fully classified as a vegan restaurant, it definitely hits the mark where healthy food is concerned. Most of the time, when I think of vegetarian food, I imagine that its presentation won't match the taste, but at True Food Kitchen, the food is both healthy and tastes good. The ambiance is really something to adore. From the home grown herbs in the front to the forest-like decor, and finally, the staff members with "honest" and "truth" printed on their shirts, this restaurant is certain to give you the full healthy experience.

4. Shojin Downtown

For those craving Asian food, you know it can be difficult to find options that aren't drowned in oil and too much salt, but over in Little Tokyo, they have an eccentric restaurant located on the third floor of their shopping mall. Shojin Downtown is 100% vegan using tofu and tempeh, along with a mix of other veggie and grain substitutes. This restaurant has a specific list of instructions for seating and bag placements to give it that special something that makes it unique to other restaurants.

5. Erewhon Market

Those living in Calabasas are most familiar with this market place which serves and sells vegan and other healthy products. This was the place I came to get my healthy fix after days of fast foods, and though I loved the vegan rice balls I ordered, be forewarned that it can be a little overpriced. They're basically a Whole Foods, but with more variety of meals and juices if you're looking for dinner and you don't feel like cooking. A plus is that this market place is in our own backyard so it's worth a try.