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Disneyland Essentials to Pack in Your Bag

Going to Disneyland with your friends is sure to give you countless magical memories. It’s about an hour from campus, so it makes the perfect day trip! I didn’t go to Disney often until I came to Pepperdine and decided to splurge on an annual pass. Now I tend to go to the parks at least once a month. After many trips, here are some essentials you need to pack in your bag when going to Disneyland.

Photo by Brooke Zeall 



If you want to save some cash and stay full during the day, bring some snacks! Buying snacks throughout the day in addition to lunch and dinner can add up quickly. If you’re like me and seem to have never ending meal points, stop by Nature’s Edge or the HAWC to pick up some snacks to throw in your bag before you leave.


Reusable Water Bottle

I can not tell you how much money I have saved since I finally decided to start bringing my own water bottle to the parks! Staying hydrated is key to having a good day at Disneyland, but water bottles that cost $4 each are not my favorite way to spend my money. Bring your own reusable water bottle or pick a regular one up at a gas station or grocery store on the way. Disneyland has multiple water fountains throughout the park that you can get water from when you need a refill!


Sweatshirt or Jacket

Remember that even when the weather app says that it is going to be 75 degrees on the day of your Disney trip, it will surely cool off at night. I always bring along a sweatshirt or light jacket in my bag to put on at night when waiting to watch a nighttime show or going on more rides. I highly suggest bringing one unless you are planning on buying one as a souvenir because they can be pricey. Also, if you’re are planning on seeing Fantasmic or World of Color, you will probably get wet so having that sweatshirt or jacket will be a life saver!


Hair Ties

If you’re like me and have long hair, you know the struggle of it getting whipped into your face when the car windows are down or when it’s windy outside. Now take that and make it ten times worse. I always keep a hair tie or scrunchie on my wrist to throw my hair into a low ponytail before getting on rides. Always pack an extra hair tie or two just in case the one you’re using breaks.


Lip Balm

Lip balm is a necessity everyday for me, but I think it is especially valuable to have with in Disneyland. While you may want to wear some cute red lipstick to match your Minnie ears, it can get messy throughout the day unless you fix it frequently. Lip balm is the perfect alternative because it is low-maintenance. If you can’t let go of the red lip look, there are some great tinted lip balms you can try!


Hand Sanitizer

When you’re in the middle of a super fun and busy day at the parks, you may not have the time to run to the bathroom and wash your hands before you eat a meal or snack. While Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, germs are still everywhere. This is where hand sanitizer is super handy. Find a cute one you can attach to your bag and you’re good to go!


Oil Blotting Sheets

If you are wearing makeup to the parks, there is a chance that your face will get oily or sweaty throughout the day. Instead of lugging your makeup to the park for touch-ups, pack oil blotting sheets. You can use these during your bathroom breaks or you can be like me and whip them out while in line for a ride and do it on the go. Also, they don’t really take up room in your bag, while bring multiple makeup products would take up quite a bit of space.


Makeup Wipes

If you’re planning on going on rides that involve water or just can’t stand when your makeup gets cakey, I advise packing makeup wipes. While I don’t always use them, it’s nice to know that I have them if my makeup gets a little crazy after Splash Mountain or I just want to take it off and let my skin breathe.



I experienced some Disneyland days where at night time, I noticed my cheeks and shoulders were red. Sunscreen is great to have if the sun is strong or you start to notice yourself getting a bit pink. I always grab my travel sized bottle to save some space.


Portable Phone Charger

All of your Snapchats, castle photos with friends and posts on Instagram are going to drain your phone battery quickly! Usually by mid-afternoon my phone is at around thirty percent.  I always pack my portable charger and it is such a life saver!


Brooke Zeall

Pepperdine '20

I'm a Film major in my senior year at Pepperdine University. I'm from a small town in Pennsylvania, but always dreamed of living in So-Cal. I'm a movie junkie and can usually be found at a movie theater on Friday or Saturday nights. I'm also into writing, photography, reading and makeup. I'm a huge Disney fan and can talk about their movies or theme parks for hours! 
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