Campus Profile: Hope Hesslen

Year: Senior

Major: Public Relations

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Sorority: Pi Beta Phi

What is your favorite dessert? Frozen yogurt​

What is your position in your sorority? I don't have one, I led the club convo for Pi Phi this semester called Out of the Box. We focused on the boxes we often put God in that limits his power and indescribable love He has for us. We dissected how we view God in our own lives and how we can take Him out of the box we put Him in to truly view Him as Almighty.

How many other convos have you led while being a student at Pepperdine? I led two club convos when I was the spiritual life advisor last year in Darnell. One convo was called Taste and See. We talked about our senses and how we can praise God through the senses He gave us. 

What have you been involved with while at Pepperdine? [I've been] freshman president of Student Government Association, [a] resident advisor in Lausanne, Switzerland, spiritual life advisor in Darnell, [and] executive vice president of Student Government Association.

Which of these groups or experiences has particularly influenced you and how? Studying abroad challenged my mindset and expanded my world [and] student government has allowed me to collaborate with peers and work with the administration to make changes at Pepperdine. 

What are your plans after graduation? Moving to D.C. and working for CEB Global; I will be an Account Manager Associate at CEB Global, which just got acquired by Gartner.