Campus Profile: Esther Kang

Hometown? Oh gosh, wait, this is a really complicated question. So I was born in South Korea, grew up in New Jersey, went to high school in Shanghai and came back to the States for college. My parents are still in Shanghai but I wouldn't call it my hometown.

Favorite City to Live in? Lausanne! I also love Malibu, though.

Favorite Food? Cookies and cream ice cream!

Zodiac Sign? Pisces

How has being an international student made your experience at Pepperdine different, if at all? I enjoyed meeting other international students at international student NSO. There are a lot of international Pepperdine students, so it's cool to see where everyone is from, and you always somehow end up bonding with each other. We sometimes even find out that we went to the same international school or that we have mutual friends from abroad. Another cool thing is that I used to live 15 minutes from the Pepperdine Shanghai abroad house. So it's really fun to talk to Americanan students who went to that program!

Major? Advertising [and my] minor is Industrial Organizational Psychology. 

How do you plan on merging the two? For my career? A lot of concepts from psychology apply to how we can better advertise to consumers. For example, the psychological gender differences I learned about in my psychology classes apply to a lot of advertising strategies I learned in my advertising classes. The two complement each other in a way, but overall, I want to go into the Advertising/Marketing field and be able to apply the knowledge from my psychology classes to my career. 

What kind of advertising do you want to get into? I want to work for an advertising agency that does innovative campaigns through digital media. And I think PR events and campaigns are really cool.

Have you done any internships that have helped you figure this out? Yes, I've worked for three in-house marketing departments, and two events companies.

Are you doing one right now? Yes, I'm a social media and marketing intern right now at Claris Health in West Los Angeles. 

What has been the most valuable thing you have learned from your internships? The mentors I met throughout my internship experiences and gaining insight from them and having the opportunity to pick their brains.

As a senior who has done all of these internships, what advice do you have for students who may be going into their first internships soon? Don't be afraid to email or strike a conversation with people in different departments and pick their brains. Ask them what they like about the company, industry, position. Always write thank you notes to the people you work with cause you never know when you might connect with them again. Take an internship position even if it's not paid. It's the experience and people you meet that make it valuable.