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Major: Psychology (Certificate of Conflict Management)

Year: Senior 

Age: 21

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fun Fact: “I’ve never had coffee!”

If you haven’t already heard of David Limon, you will very likely hear about him at some point. Apart from the fact that he has an impressive presence and remarkable energy, he is also very involved in many ways around campus. Some people may recognize him as a Dance in Flight (DIF) participant or Songfest choreographer, whilst others may remember seeing him in some episodes of iCarly and Victorious (he was a regular extra during his junior year of high school, and appeared as a nerd in the final episode of iCarly). Either way, there is no question that this incredible individual has made quite a few waves during his three years at Pepperdine. 

This is David’s third year as a DIF dancer, and his second as a choreographer. He first auditioned for DIF during his sophomore year at Pepperdine when his friend took him along. “I went to the auditions, and they were terrifying,” David said, “but they were really fun, and I ended up getting a call back the first day and I was like, ‘Oh okay, maybe I kind of know what I’m doing, I can pick this up,’ and then I got cast the second day. It was an unreal experience, and it probably changed my life.”

This year, David will be choreographing four dances and dancing in at least 12 numbers. He said the theme for this year’s production will revolve around 1960s social movements. Due to this, DIF is taking extra steps to ensure that the production is not inappropriate in any way. “It’s going to be a very sensitive topic this year, and we’re being overseen by the Pepperdine Diversity Council… We just want to make sure that we’re doing it as respectfully and as accurately as we can. We hope to start conversations through this… I think it’s a very important message for Pepperdine to hear as a whole, both students and administration. You hear about these movements all of the time, but you don’t ever really have the opportunity to really get to know and talk to someone that’s affected by it. Ultimately what we want to say is you don’t have to agree with everything, but you do have to respect everyone. And as a member of the LGBTQ community, I want someone to approach and be like, ‘Tell me about what you’ve gone through in your life, because it’s not what me, as a heterosexual cisgendered human would go through, tell me about all of the struggles that it took and why this matters.'”

David was also involved in Crossroads, the first LGBTQ club on campus, when it first started, as the publicity chair. He plans to help out in any way he can this year, but also has many other commitments. For instance, he was an orientation coordinator just a few weeks ago, so he planned NSO with a few other people. He also works in the Office of Admission as the lead intern. As previously mentioned, he is dancing and choreographing for DIF, as well as being the Activities chair, and he is also choreographing the HOT group’s number for Songfest. Finally, he is the president of the Golden Key Club, which is an academic honor society.

“Being an orientation coordinator was an amazing experience,” David said. “It was really cool and an excuse to get in people’s faces, and just let the energy out. And I think we really made an impact, students either appreciated it or were really scared of it, and that’s usually when you know you did something right.” He also only had a little over a week to prepare for NSO since he returned from the Harry Potter London international program ten days prior.

David also elaborated on his experience in the Office of Admission; he has been able to give many tours, and he considers it very humbling to hear new students tell him that he was their tour guide and influenced them in some way to choose Pepperdine. 

As a senior, David has also been weighing some of his post-graduation options. He said he is considering joining either the Peace Corps or Teach for America, and later becoming involved in the entertainment industry and using that as a platform to share his ideas and have a positive impact. “I’m trying to find ways to leave the world better than I found it. Even though I’m only 21, I’ve had a very good life, and it’s had it’s trauma, just like everyone’s life has, but I’ve had amazing relationships [and experiences]. I just want to find a way to impact the world, and I feel that’s what God’s purpose of me has been. I think that’s the reason I love performing so much; you learn people’s stories and you get to tell them, and I’m trying to find ways to incorporate that now and after graduation.” 



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