Best Study Spots in Malibu

Many university students can agree that finding a place to study and actually get work done is difficult. The list of requirements for a perfect study spot is, after all, pretty long. Most people want a spot where they can either see people walk by and interact with each other or where they will be in complete silence and utter solitude. This all depends on the personality of the individual, but a majority of people are searching for a very specific environment. Here are a few suggestions for the student looking for the quiet spot and for the one looking for the lively hub.

1. To Study with Coffee:

  • If you're looking for a quiet coffee shop where no one will distract you, the Starbucks located in the Trancas Country Market is a good choice. Since it is farther away from school, it is less likely that you will run into someone you know. And while odds are there will still be people there who could potentially distract you, it is far less likely that you will be distracted by a friend or classmate.  Therefore, even if your attention diverts momentarily to the intriguing couple that just walked in, you won't be invested in their lives and will be able to recenter your focus quickly as a result. 
  • If you're looking for a good seat for people-watching, the Malibu Country Mart Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will work for you. You can sit either on the shop's patio or on the public tables right beside it. Regardless, you will have plenty of people to see and a great environment to work in.  

2. To Study with a View:

  • The Graziadio campus is a great place for studying; the fact that it is on campus makes it even more convenient, too. It is quiet and offers a beautiful view of the Malibu sea. There are many tables outside of Villa Graziadio where you can avoid the noise of main campus. 
  • Just a few steps away from the first study spot is Heroes Garden; this is a great place for studying because it offers a soothing environment. It is generally quiet, but people typically show up every few minutes to take pictures and enjoy the views, so you won't be in complete silence while studying here.

3. To Study on the Beach:

  • Point Dume is a more secluded beach that doesn't get as much activity during the week. You will be more likely to get some quiet space here than in most other Malibu beaches.
  • Zuma Beach is typically buzzing with people. It is a great place to see dolphins swim by while enjoying the Malibu sun. Grab a towel and head over to make your studying and homework seem a little more fun.