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Eyebrow tinting became a huge craze on TikTok and I am here for it!


What is eyebrow tinting?

This is a method used by estheticians and cosmetologists to dark the hair. The way I like to think of it is, you are dying your hair and skin. This dye is semi-permanent and can be re-applied in two weeks. 

If you're looking to tint your eyebrows, take a look at the types of tints offered. 

Henna is a dye from a plant. This has been said to have longer and better-looking results. 

Lamination is an added service that keeps your brows in a set place. Think of soap brows for two-three weeks without the work. 

A dye is the most common method used and can last at various lengths of time (depending on the products and amount applied). 


Is it safe?

In my opinion, it is safe to use when done carefully. I think it's best to see a professional who has the materials needed to protect your eyes just in case things drip or flick into the eye. 

However, if you opt to do this at home due to the global pandemic. It is pretty easy to do! 

First, make sure to read the directions carefully and follow the instructions, and make sure to try a patch test to see if you have any allergic reactions to the product. 


Where can I purchase this?

I purchased my kit on Amazon, and it was amazing! It came with a brush applicator, a brush for the eyebrow to comb out the hairs properly, and it came with a little cup to mix the products. 

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What's the process?

Godefroy’s instructions were simple! Just pop open the powder capsule (dye) and mix it with a specified amount of developer. 

By the way, did I mention it is ammonia-free?!


Why do I like this?


Tinting is the easiest way to have your eyebrows on fleek! It takes up to 5 minutes to sit on your eyebrows. I never spend more than 10 minutes doing this ( I do it twice), and I apply it every two weeks on a Sunday night.