Author Highlight: Pierce Brown

He is a 30-something-year old New York Times Bestselling Author, a Pepperdine Alumna, and a space geek. What more could you want? 

If you are looking for a new story to delve into or a book to distract you from the world burning around you, look no further than this article right here. Pierce Brown is one who has roots not unlike our own. He entered Pepperdine as a freshman, joined the Great Books Colloquium, studied abroad in Heidelberg, and graduated in 2010. Like many of us, he felt that school was draining him of creativity. Yet somehow he was able to survive the parasitic vacuum of inventiveness that school can so easily become. After reading the play Antigone by Sophocles, Pierce was inspired to write a story so great that it transcends the world that we know. He recounts looking at Mars and thinking, “What if I take Greece, put in the stars, add spaceships, add opera, add Romans, add twists, betrayal, and blood galore!?” Thus was the birth of my favorite book. 

Consider buying this book online, at Barnes and Noble, or renting it from your library. After all, Payson Library’s stacks are there for much more than the appearance of intellect. 

Enter a world where you can root for an underdog, no matter how flawed he is. Open “Red Rising” and travel to Mars. Get sucked into the injustice of a martian caste system and other political affairs instead of worrying about those of our own. Take a leap and open a book. 

Created by Lea Medina

Pierce Brown is, in fact, the very reason I attend Pepperdine and a large part of why I decided to stick through the demanding confusion of Great Books courses (though he failed in convincing me to go to Heidelberg). I have been fortunate enough to have met him on two different occasions and he has yet to disappoint me. Give the book a chance, it might just change your life.