AOC: A New Kind of Politician

I don’t know about you but I can’t get into an argument without crying. 

Whether it’s my frustration about my inability to vocalize my intelligent thoughts or because I genuinely hate any form of conflict, the tears always seem to form and I end up looking weak. As I tuned into the Vice Presidential debate, I realized just how difficult it is to be taken seriously when it comes to a woman in politics. In terms of Kamala Harris, she can’t let her voice quiver, or else she’s too emotional. If she becomes angry, then she leans into the “angry black woman” trope. If she doesn’t answer a question thoughtfully, then she’s incompetent. If she does answer the question thoughtfully, then she’s being conniving and disingenuous. 

Looking at all of these restrictions and obstacles set in place for women going into politics, I find it overwhelmingly daunting. The second someone disagreed with one of my points, I would pack it up and call it day. But there’s one person, in particular, who has ignored all of these threats toward women and bulldozed through the barriers: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Perhaps you’re aware of the famed initials or can recognize the bold red lip and hoop earrings. The first time I ever saw AOC publicly speak, I was transfixed by the confidence in which she spoke. Her poised composure should be a given for major politicians and yet in this current political climate, the rare display of thoughtful speech speaks volumes. As I stared at this young woman of color, I realized she was and is everything women are told not to be. She is outspoken, fearless, and willing to fight for her voiceless constituents even if it means her name will be dragged through the media-colored mud. I had never seen someone so young in a room filled with old white men demand respect and attention. 

Now, regardless of political preferences, anyone can look at this new class of politicians and see that there is a rise in “new politicians”. To better understand what mindset and place AOC and other rising politicians come from, be sure to watch “Knock Down The House” on Netflix. It is inspiring to watch figures like Donald Trump become intimidated by a woman who looks like the strong-willed Hispanic woman I grew up with. 

I’m not sure if my admiration for AOC can be put into words properly. Perhaps it’s because she actually has a “working class” background as a bartender which informs my ideas of her work ethic. Or how she 

Most recently, AOC used her social media presence to hop on a game of “Among Us” (a popular online game) and streamed to over 400k viewers on Twitch as she encouraged this young audience to vote. 


AOC streaming on Twitch: 

AOC on Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: