Anti-Valentine's Day Doesn't Mean Cynicism

When you think of Valentine’s Day, images of relationships, couples, chocolates, and hearts come to mind, followed by single girls eating ice cream on their couch saying love sucks, and throwing a love-hating anti-Valentine’s Day. 

sad girl in blue sweater near window

And that’s some BS. 

Anti-Valentine’s Day does not mean the people who throw them or attend them hate love and Valentine’s. What it does mean is that they decided to celebrate the holiday in their own way, with friends that share their feelings. If you think about it, Anti-Valentine’s Day is similar to Galentine’s, but rather it being an event to show your friends how much you love them no matter their relationship status, it’s single people coming together agreeing to not let their lack of a significant other get them down. 


In an age where self-love and self-contentedness is advocated and encouraged, the concept of Anti-Valentine’s should be recognized as more than just a bunch of spinsters being salty together. 


When I think of Anti-Valentine’s day, I think of going out with your friends, throwing a dinner party, having a spa day, and enjoying life not worrying about your relationship status. What’s to stop us from making that a reality for ourselves everyday?


Yes, there are people who hate Valentine’s Day, and think it’s just a made up holiday to sell Hallmark cards and chocolate, but that’s not everyone. 


So accept that invitation; throw your own Anti-Valentine’s Day party, and don’t worry about being judged or feeling the need to explain why you’re throwing it, just have a great time, and spread some single love.