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5 Ways to Turn Your Bun From Messy to Too Cute

If you're anything like me, my hair is the make or break of my day; if it looks good I'm happy if it doesn't the day is over before it began. Like many college women, buns are my go-to, and I can usually convince myself that I'm pulling off a cute messy bun so I'm not worried about it all day, but thanks to the internet I've found there are more options for a cute and quick bun. 

  1. 1. Twist in a Scarf

    Instead of using a hair tie, use a scarf to tie your hair into a ponytail, then separate into two parts and twist the scarf’s ends into the two parts before twisting the two together into a bun and tie of the two ends.

  2. 2. Ponytail Scarf

    High buns sometimes just don’t work, but low buns either look cute, or make you look like a Founding Father. If you tend to lean a bit more towards the George Washington chic look, tie a scarf around the base of your low bun and abra-ca-da-bra Founding Father no more. 

  3. 3. Go Vintage 

    You don’t have to be rocking the victory curls and red lips to wear a vintage style hair scarf. Throw your hair up into a bun, then grab your scarf, wrap it around your hair and tie it in the front. I tend to use larger scarves for a bit more body, so I have to tie it three times (front, back, front), before tucking in the ends and shifting the wrap to wear. I like it either in the very front of my hair or just behind where bangs would be.

  4. 4. Wrapping the Bun

    This is probably the easiest of these ideas; put your hair in a bun, then tie a scarf around it. Boom, done! Tie a bow, or knot it so the scarf hangs. Easy as pie, and cute as hell.

  5. 5. Bandana Time! 

    This one needs a bigger scarf, or a small bandana. Once your low bun is in place, fold your scarf into a triangle or take your bandana. Place the scarf a little behind your hairline and tie underneath your hair. More people will see your cute scarf instead of your “i’ll-wash-it-later-hair”.

And there you go; five quick and easy ways to transform your quick bun into a cute scarf hair style.