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5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day From Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pepperdine chapter.

CW: Mention of sexual assault.

Happy International Women’s Day! March 8th is recognized as the international day of celebrating “the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women,” according to International Women’s Day. While we can’t go out and march with our strong sisters, mothers and aunts, there are plenty of things we can do from the couch.

International Women’s Day is all about recognizing and appreciating the hard work that women from all over the world and throughout time have accomplished. But things look different in 2021. Here are a few things that I’m doing to celebrate International Women’s Day from home.

Watch movies directed by women

There are so many amazing movies directed by women, and since we’re all stuck at home, there’s no better time to have a movie marathon. A few of my favorite female-directed movies are Little Women and Lady Bird, both directed by Greta Gerwig, Booksmart directed by Olivia Wilde, Blockers by Kay Cannon, and Mamma Mia by Phyllida Lloyd (Meryl Streep all day, everyday).

Donate to organizations

There are so many amazing organizations that help women all over the world. I personally love PERIOD because they donate menstrual products to people in need and work to end period poverty and stigma. Also, a year ago I made the decision to buy a menstrual cup from Saalt. A percentage of Saalt’s revenue goes towards providing period care and education to communities in need.

Speak up

It is really important to speak up about gender inequality and the struggles that women face daily. Women only make 81¢ for every dollar a man makes, according to PayScale. Even worse, many women of color only make 75¢ for every dollar a man makes. 

It is also extremely important to talk about the sexual harassment that women face in order to bring awareness and change. College women are more likely than women in general to to experience sexual assault, according to RAINN. Make sure you are also including your male friends and those beyond the binary. More change can be made when we include others in the conversation. 

Raise up the women around you

Tell your mom you are grateful for her. Tell your sister she is your best friend. Tell your girlfriend how much she means to you. Let the ladies around you know that you appreciate them and acknowledge all of the hard work they do.

 Bonus: Listen to “Who Runs the World”

Ariana Grande curated a playlist of female artists that she loves. Each woman has broken barriers in her own way, and all of the songs that Ari chose for this playlist showcase female strength and empowerment. Listen on Apple Music here!

International Women’s Day may be more lowkey this year, but there are so many ways to uplift yourself and the women around you. Women deserve so much appreciation, so do something to celebrate!

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Hannah Miller

Pepperdine '21

Senior Associate, Integrated Marketing (Activation) at Her Campus Media + former Campus Correspondent at the Her Campus Pepperdine Chapter!