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5 LA Study Spots Every Student Needs to Try

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pepperdine chapter.

We’re getting closer to midterms week…. Or so they say at regular colleges. Here at Pepperdine, midterms are a period after the first few weeks of school when exams officially begin. Rather than lasting a normal week, midterms here happen on a never-ending basis. That means constant studying, at least for the majority of us. With Payson under construction, discipline is put through the ultimate test. Can I actually study next to my bed?

Want an alternative? Here’s a list of 5 study spots in Los Angeles for the adventurous student. These places are specifically catered to the studious spirit: quiet, ready to feed, and best of all, have a million power outlets.

1. Literati Cafe

Located in Brentwood, this cafe is a study base for students from UCLA, USC, SMCC, and of course, our very own Pepperdine. They have an extensive menu of food and drink items including my favorites, salmon and eggs benedict and snickers mocha. With plenty of tables and outlets, it’s no wonder why students love Literati Cafe. Even better, it’s quiet, has really fast wifi, and is a hub for celebrities like Reese Witherspoon. TIP: Want to avoid valet parking? Park in the Ralph’s parking lot; the walk to the cafe should only take a minute.

2. Mr. Coffee

This cafe is best for late night studying. Located in the heart of Ktown, Mr. Coffee is open everyday til 3AM and on weekends, 4AM. They’ve got two table options. You can either go with a table and chairs or a table and couches. It’s super comfortable with simple decor, but a large enough study space for students who are on the verge of pulling all-nighters.  Wifi is great and they serve dinner items, milk teas, and other desserts. TIP: The outlets are along the back-end walls so get there either before dinner or after 9pm for the best chance of snagging one.

3. Bricks and Scones

This is the best cafe for deep and focused studying. Located just 10 minutes from The Grove, this cafe seems to have an understood quiet rule enforced. Even at it’s highest capacity, students are diligently studying, whispering every now and then, but overall engrossed in whatever it is they need to do. Menu wise, Bricks and Scones definitely is the place for the hangry student in us all with an assortment of coffees, teas, breakfast items, and even seafood. TIP: There are two stories to this cafe, so if you can’t find anything on the first floor, you’re sure to find something on the second floor.

4. Cafe Mak

Once again located in Ktwon, Cafe Mak is the largest study spot listed in this article and best for groups. The cafe is divided into four sections, the library room, the main room, the garden room, and the outdoor patio. With a full blown menu of both coffee, teas, authentic korean cuisine, and a server button at each table, they definitely are dedicated to making student’s study experiences just a little bit easier. They even accomodate the late night students at a regular closing time of 1AM. Needless to say, it’s also quiet and wifi is fast. TIP: There are large study tables in the library room that you should reserve beforehand if you plan on studying with a group.

5. Bourgeoisie Pig

Studying takes us to Peter Pan’s Neverland in one of the most hipster study cafes for the bohemians at heart. Being at this cafe is like being in a storybook, no joke, there’s even a giant tree inside. In actuality, it’s located in the Hollywood Hills and while the menu mainly consists of coffees and desserts, you won’t be disappointed by what you see. The dim lighting definitely adds to the vibe, and while this may be a limitation for some, it just means the perfect place to gather creative inspiration. TIP: The dim atmosphere makes it perfect for laptop work.

Make sure to check out all these amazing study cafes and bookmark them on Yelp! Otherwise, there are always the Pepperdine classrooms…

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