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5 Artists That Are Perfect for Fall/Winter

1. Hozier

Hozier’s folk/folk pop music is deep, grainy, thought-provoking, sweet, and smells like the spicy burgundy wine notes in a candle. His songs are the perfect, warm backdrop to a lazy day at home while the weather gets colder! Not to mention, the man is gorgeous to look at and is reminiscent of a modern-day Jesus. Time to make a Hozier playlist and read a novel in bed. 

2. Taylor Swift

Hello?! Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’ album is literally PERFECT for Autumn/Winter. It plays with both dark and lovey-dovey topics but always in her unique, comforting way where everything sounds like a bedtime story. Let Ms. Swift lull you to sleep with her mystical tales- and pro-tip, play a “rain sounds” or “crackling fireplace sounds” video on YouTube over the music to enter an imaginative, cozy wonderland. 

3. Vance Joy

Vance Joy toured with Taylor Swift during her 1989 tour, and there’s a reason she chose him to- he is a severely underrated, talented singer-songwriter. He has many songs other than “Riptide” that tear at your heartstrings with its indie-folk/pop elements, and his lyricism makes you YEARN. That’s my favorite word, especially during dreary days where night falls early, YEARNING- and that also happens to be the perfect word to describe Vance Joy’s honest, heart-string-pulling music. 

4. Adele

What can I say to preface Adele’s discography that you don’t already know? Listening to her music during fall/winter months is like seeing the world through beautiful sepia, black and white glasses. Her ballads and soul-music are perfect for pretending you’re the main character of a film, staring out the window while it rains or snows. Her voice is thick and delicate at the same time, but be careful- getting emotional over Adele’s music when it’s cold and dark might take more out of you than you may think!

5. John Mayer

Mayer’s crazy guitar skills and beautiful lyrics are the perfect, lighter soundtrack for your fall/winter. Of course, “Gravity” can be played any season, but trust me- his stuff hits DIFFERENT when you’re swaying, wrapped in blankets. This man has perfected mixing sadness, inspiration, love, and light into a rollercoaster of emotions, and then delivering it with beautiful vocals and guitar. Plus, he’s another man on the list who’s connected to Taylor Swift! It’s fun to see what diss tracks in the soft-rock, pop world sound like.

Hannah Cheng

Pepperdine '22

Hannah is a Pepperdine student majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications, and she is passionate about health, lifestyle, current issues, and ultimately working with the women around her to fulfill their potential as individuals and a community. She has always loved storytelling and writing, and is so excited to be here at HC.
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