4 Coffee Shops in the Area Ranked from My Least to Most Favorite

Studying on campus, wether in the Caf, Starbucks or Payson, just isn't the best. That's where off campus coffee shops come in. 


4. 10 Speed Coffee

I hate to say it but 10 Speed Coffee is probably my least favorite of these.  However, to be fair, I've only been to the Calabasas location. The reason I am not the biggest fan of 10 Speed Coffee is because it’s combined with Pedalor’s Fork, a sit-down restaurant so I feel a little out of place when I pull out a laptop to work on.  The coffee and pastries are good though, if you’re looking for a quick bite. The Santa Monica location is also a stand alone coffee shop, so it might be a better bet if you are going to study.

The point of 10 Speed Coffee is to encourage cycling and an active lifestyle which I can appreciate for its unique niche.  I just don’t know how successful a combined coffee and bike shop is in doing so. Like the others, they practice responsible sourcing and micro batch roasting to produce high quality coffee.

3. Longevity 

Longevity advertises coffee that will not “upset your stomach, give you jitters, cause headaches, or spiral you down into an energy crash.”  This “healthy” coffee uses only certified organic Arabica beans from small, family farms that are hand-picked, wash-processed and roasted through their proprietary method to get rid of toxins.  Longevity also advertises low chlorogenic acid which is responsible for coffee’s bitterness and feelings of acid reflux.

I personally didn’t taste/feel much of a difference but the cafe itself has ample seating and good ambience for studying. The coffee still tastes good too but it’s marketed benefits weren’t really anything special.

2. Urth Cafe

Urth Cafe is a popular, well-known spot, the only problem being that it is usually busy and hard to study at.  However, I can overlook this because of their delicious vegan desserts and the wide array of options available!  It’s fun to pick something new to try out every time you visit!

Urth is also dedicated to sourcing local, sustainable organic ingredients whenever possible giving them a direct relationship with local farmers.  When I go to Urth, I feel confident that what I’m eating is fresh and free of artificial ingredients — say no to GMO!!

1. Five07

Five07 is personally my favorite study spot because of how late it stays open — midnight, way past normal coffee shop hours.  The cafe was founded by a couple who grew up in the area that recognized the shortage of late-night study/hang-out places in Thousand Oaks.  My favorite menu items are the avocado or honey lavender toast paired with the roast of the week.

Additionally, Five07 promotes local artists and the intersection of community, art, music, and food by providing a creative, social space for people to come together.

The name, Five07, represents how they are open seven days a week and the 5 steps to creating something of importance: inspiration, build-up, resistance, overcoming, and collaboration.