10 Life Hacks For Lazy People

If you're anything like me, you have two productivity levels: One, you have a lazy meter that is off the charts, meaning that you're secretly a blob of goop internally. Two, that you're someone who's learned how to utilize time efficiently with their perfect planner. Now, I'm not in any way encouraging laziness, but for those of you who have ever had those days where the world revolves around your bed, here are 10 life hacks for when you feel like a blob of goop.

1. Never Wash Your Dishes Again

I hate this chore and so I’ve permanently switched to plastic everything. However, if you're someone who owns actual dishes, then all you have to do is apply ceramic wrap over the plate before putting food in, and when you’re finished eating, just take off the ceramic wrap and throw it away. Voila, your plate stays clean!

2. Forgot Your Spoon

This hack only applies to those of you who eat yogurt. So let’s say you’re running late to class so you just grab a cup of yogurt from the fridge because it’s basically a to-go type of meal. You get onto the shuttle ready to eat and then you realize you forgot a spoon just as the shuttle pulls away. Don’t worry! You can totally make a spoon from your yogurt lid. All you have to do is lick off the yogurt residue, then simply fold it in half. Open it and fold in the edges to where it meets the line from the first fold, then repeat until you have a very narrow handle. Finally , just curve the front for scoopage and twist the handle to keep it in place.

3. Make More Room for Clothes in Your Closet

We’re girls, and inevitably, we’re going to shop. For those of you with miniature closets, all you have to do is hang one hanger on another hanger using a soda can tab as shown above. In no time, you'll have more space to place more clothes which means, more shopping!

4. Ironing Clothes

Here’s a way to save time on daily chores if you don’t want to get out your ironing board. After you straighten your hair, all you have to do is use the straightener to iron any kinks on your clothes.

5. Make perfect Curls in Half The Time

If you want to shorten the time it takes to curl or straighten your hair, all you have to do is put your hair in a high ponytail and iron away. When you take down the ponytail, you’ll find yourself with perfect hair for any life hassle.

6. Make Your Hair Smell Amazing

Too lazy to shower, but your hair smells funky? No problem! Just grab your brush, spray perfume on the bristles, and brush away. You’re hair will smell like you’ve just come out of the shower.

7. Too Tired to Remove Make Up

Sleeping in your make up is a big no no, but there are just those days where all you want to do when you get home is sleep. To combat that morning acne, just keep some make up wipes right next to you bed, so that you can remove your makeup quickly from the comfort of your own bed.

8. No Eyeliner? No Problem!

If you’ve run out of eyeliner and don’t want to go the store, all you need is mascara. Grab a small liner brush, gather some mascara gel on it, and you can create a perfect winged liner.

9. Forgot To Put on Deodorant?

We’ve all come across this issue multiple times, but there is a way to combat this. All you need is hand sanitizer. Since sweat and B.O. are mainly caused by bacteria, the alcohol in hand sanitizer can put the smell away. Apply a bit, wait for the alcohol smell to dissipate which shouldn’t take long, and you’re smell free.

10. Sticky Notes Are Not Enough

While I love sticky notes, I sometimes overlook them. Hence why I’ve adapted a fool proof way to ensure I never forget to do anything. All you have to do is text yourself. It’ll be a double text anyway and it’s a good habit of memory since you’ll not only be writing it, but you’ll be reading it again.