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We’ve all seen the fall outfit inspo posts filled with neutral colors, trench coats, and sometimes even a bold red. It’s always “faux fur is in this season” or “this shade of green is super trendy,” and though it’s a bit repetitive, it’s always fun. But if you want to step out looking like you would’ve been burned at the stake for witchcraft in the 1600s, this one’s for you. Here are some of my favorite witchy style icons for you to channel this season!

Florence Welch

Whether she’s modeling for Gucci or performing live, Florence Welch always steps out looking like a witchy goddess. With her style, it is all about shawls and capes, deep colors, and flowy layers. Wearing all black is not necessary, but it could never hurt. Obviously, our own interpretations might contain a bit less Gucci than hers, but her style will be inspiring the witchy folks this whole season. 

Stevie Nicks

It is impossible to talk about witchy fashion and not mention Stevie Nicks. She was inspiring sorceress wardrobes in the 70s, and she is still doing the same for music lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike today. Channeling Stevie includes wide sleeves, drapery, and chunky boots. I would also encourage browsing Etsy for a few crescent moon necklaces if you want to go all out. For some extra confidence with styles like this, I assume listening to “Rhiannon” on repeat would help. 

Elaine from The Love Witch

The second I saw this movie, I was in awe of the outfits. It’s proof that you don’t need to wear all black to become the witch of your dreams. Elaine cooks up potions, casts spells, and curses men in retro, sometimes even Victorian-esque fashion fit for a true enchantress. To embody the love witch herself, you will need large pendant necklaces, chokers, lots of rings, and lace. And it would never hurt to buy some bright eyeshadows while you’re at it! 

Kate Bush

Another 70s icon that is hard to ignore! Kate Bush is iconic for so many reasons, but I rarely see people acknowledging how amazing her outfits were. Though she is often left off of the lists of fashion icons, her witchy style is definitely one to think about this fall. Much like the other witchy ladies, her style includes long dresses with drape-y fabrics and lace. So turn on the “Wuthering Heights” music video and take notes!

And of course, Morticia Addams

No matter which adaptation you choose, Morticia Addams is obviously the witchy woman of our dreams. There are endless amounts of inspiration to take from Morticia on Halloween and all year long. There’s the all black outfits, the layered sleeves, and makeup inspo galore (and yes, I am taking makeup tips from an animated character). Morticia Addams just happens to be the ultimate witchy inspiration. So, who better to take fall style tips from than everyone’s favorite spooky lady?

October feels like one of the only acceptable times to dream of a world where I am brewing up potions in black lace and some kind of cape. So whether you are doing the same or just sticking with trench coats and neutrals this fall, happy October from me and all of my favorite witches! May the power of these women bless the rest of your autumn! 

Ashley Rosato is a Communication Studies major with a minor in Psychology at Pace University in New York City. In her spare time, she likes to yell at her friends about past Met Galas!
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