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Why Tangled Will Forever Amaze Me

Tangled is, in my opinion, the most underrated Disney film. It’s a cinematic masterpiece- from the foreshadowing to the attention to detail, catchy soundtrack, and extremely talented cast. I’ve rewatched the movie so many times, it brings me so much joy to just sing along to every word. Over the years it really has become my comfort movie by creating a great escape from my reality- at least for an hour and 40 minutes.  

The movie also brings out the English major in me because one of the many things I’ve noticed is the obvious recurring symbol of the sun, but also when Rapunzel is a baby in her crib the components of the mobile above her head are of Pascal, the horse, the duck, and a couple more. This immaculately demonstrates the foreshadowing I mentioned earlier, because each object is involved in her life at one point in the movie. I’m also in love with the color scheme of this movie- the pinks, purple and yellows are my Pinterest board, they just fit together so well and really complete the idea of Rapunzel representing the “light” in the film as her outfits clash with both Mother Gothel, the women who kidnapped her as a baby, and Flynn Rider, who is a known thief in the kingdom.  

While Tangled still hasn’t been able to make its way under the Broadway lights,  the Disney Magic cruise ship offers a stage production of the movie under the title, “Tangled: The Musical!” Also, many Disney movies that have made it to the Broadway stage, like “Aladdin,” “The Lion King,” and “Cinderella,” have recently been turned into live action films. I’d even go so far as to note a pattern of Disney movies being on Broadway and then, maybe years later, being turned into a live action. That’s my biggest dream for this film, entirely about dreams; I want it to be made into a live action so badly. 

And do I wish that Mandy Moore could once again voice and actually play the role of Rapunzel? Hell yeah I do. Mandy Moore is so incredibly talented. Not to mention she never ages- I’d totally believe it if she played an 18-year-old!

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