Why Local Politics are Important

Ever since I was little, my family has been heavily involved in our local politics. Through most of my young childhood, my father was a local politician, with the catchy slogan: “We Like Mike.” My father, Mike Bresnahan, was President of our City Council, and his duties included: passing city budgets, writing laws and ordinances, and dealing with various citizen issues that come before them. He was on city council for eight years, and is extremely proud of what he was able to accomplish during those years. And yes, that is me with the white curly hair in the photo above!

In 2003, when I was just five years old, my father began his run for Mayor, and although he didn’t win it’s something our family is very proud of and something that urges us to continue our involvement in local politics. My father says, “If people don’t get involved in local politics you’ll have to rely on the state more and you will not have as much say with what happens in your community.” To this day, even though my father has been out of local politics for quite some time, I still find it extremely important to keep up with my local politics, even when I spend the majority of my time in New York now. Seeing my family work so hard for our town encourages me to take an active role in politics, and always make sure to get my absentee ballot here at school so I can continue to participate.


It’s important to participate in local politics since they effect you and your neighbors directly. The changes that the mayor, school committee and city council make can alter your way of life, and don’t you want a say in that? Simply attending open meetings and voicing your opinion can make major change in your town or city. Instead of sitting around and complaining about how your town never makes any change, go out there and make some change!