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Which Disney Soundtrack Is the Best? My Potentially Controversial Opinion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Walt Disney Company is their ability to produce soundtracks that are fun to sing along to and never cease to impress. What better way to celebrate Disney week than with a very subjective, fully biased ranking of them? My initial plan was to rank all of the soundtracks, but upon second thought I realized there are far too many to tackle that. So below you will find my personal- but well thought out- ranking of the Disney Princesses’ Soundtracks. According to multiple lists, Anna, Elsa, Tinkerbell, Esmerelda, and Jane do not qualify as official Disney princesses, so I did not include them in this. 

Beauty and the Beast

Between “Belle,” “Be Our Guests,” “Gaston,” and “Beauty and the Beast,” there is no competition when it comes to the top spot on this list. Every song is just as exciting to sing along to than the last. From Belle’s love for reading as the town folk fawn over her, to Lumiere’s welcoming dinner party, and Gaston’s villain monologue, as well as Mrs. Pots bringing us to tears over young love – it is just wonderful all around. 


The only reason Pocahontas isn’t first is because I will NEVER forgive the writers for cutting “If I Never Knew You.” We could have had a John Smith and Pocahontas love song sung by Mel Gibson, and they robbed us of that- it’s truly heartbreaking. I would argue that “Colors of the Wind” should be every environmentalist’s theme song.


I still get chills every time I see the “How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)” scene. The entire soundtrack is absolutely amazing, but I did not expect any less with Lin-Manuel Miranda composing it. Plus, we get The Rock! “You’re Welcome” is easily one of my favorite Disney songs of all time.


The amount of times I’ve watched Aladdin is honestly sickening, at this point I can quote almost every scene. We have Robin Williams singing “A Friend Like Me” and can’t help but dream of magic carpet rides through the streets of Agrabah.


Every single person wants to feel the love Flynn has for Rapunzel in “I See the Light-” it’s undeniable. On top of that, “When Will My Life Begin,” “Mother Knows Best,” and “I’ve Got a Dream” are the perfect songs to constantly be stuck in one’s head. There is not a single song that I don’t enjoy on this soundtrack.

The Little Mermaid

This soundtrack is very close to being part of the top five! I would argue that “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is the best villain monologue, and a lot of that has to do with Ursula being modeled after a drag queen. “Kiss the Girl” doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, along with “Under the Sea” and “Part of Your World,” this soundtrack is really fun to sing.


“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is likely the largest hype song of any Disney soundtrack and “A Girl Worth Fighting For” is sweet. This album does not rank higher because of its serious nature, it does not have the same energy of the albums above.

The Princess and the Frog

I absolutely love the music in The Princess and the Frog, but I do not often, if ever, catch myself singing any of the songs when not watching the movie. “Almost There,” “Friends on the Other Side,” and “Dig a Little Deeper” are all great, but in the end it’s not my favorite.


I watched this religiously as a kid but again the songs do not stick with me when not watching the movie. “So This Is Love” is one of my all-time favorite love songs. Comprehensively the soundtrack does not compare to others.

Sleeping Beauty

This ranking actually pains me. Sleeping Beauty is and always has been my ultimate Disney movie- I’ve been convinced from a very young age that I’m Princess Aurora. But like Cinderella, besides “Once Upon a Dream,” the soundtrack does not compare to the fun, sing-along nature of the others.

Snow White 

Snow White is the first Disney princess, so her soundtrack must receive credit for that. Who could not love the dwarves? To me this soundtrack is a very sturdy foundation for the others to build from. 


Brave falls in last place, but to be fair there are very few songs to sing along to. I do think her story was better told not as a musical. However, I give it bonus points for the fun cameo of Mumford & Sons.

Madison Turunen is a student of the Class of 2023 at Pace University, on the New York City campus. She is double majoring in History and Peace & Justice Studies with minors in Women & Gender Studies and Politics. Someday she hopes to go into human rights advocacy. She is a huge activist and environmentalist, with a lean towards gender equality and peace-building. As a part of Her Campus, she has published articles on lifestyle, entertainment, wellness, and news.
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