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Where They STARted: Meryl Streep

The last star to be featured in my “Where They STARted” series, is the one and only, Meryl Streep. Despite the fact she didn’t grow up in New York and you may not be able to stop by the places she once knew, Streep did film a handful of movies in the city featuring places you’ll surely be able to recognize!

Meryl Streep was born in Summit, New Jersey. Throughout her childhood, Streep lived in various parts of New Jersey, eventually ending up in Bernardsville, New Jersey where she attended Bernardsville High School. Streep graduated from Bernardsville in the 60s, having been both a cheerleader and homecoming queen. Having grown up in the New York tri-state area, it’s no question Streep grew up to become the highly-acclaimed actress she is today. She then went on to attend two prestigious schools; Vassar College and Yale School of Drama. 

Rather than including the addresses of the various schools Streep attended, I decided to include the filming locations of some of her most notable movies. From Kramer vs. Kramer to The Devil Wears Prada, there are numerous places her characters have stumbled upon. 

Two summers ago, I watched an older film of Streep’s, Kramer vs. Kramer, for the first time. The film centers on the struggles of Ted Kramer after his wife Joanna leaves him and their young son. The exterior used as the family’s apartment is located on the Upper East Side, just steps away from the 6 train’s 77th street stop!

Ted and Joanna Kramer’s Apartment – 176 E 77th Street

Later in the film, Ted and Joanna meet up at a restaurant to discuss the few months they’ve spent apart. The scene was filmed at J.G. Melon’s Upper East Side location!

J.G. Melon’s – 1291 Third Avenue

Much later in Streep’s career came her iconic role as Miranda Priestly in David Frankel’s The Devil Wears Prada (2006). The film many of us have come to know and love centers on the struggles main character, Andy Sachs, faces as a receptionist at a well-respected magazine where Priestly acts as editor-in-chief. The exterior shots of the magazine’s office were shot just steps away from Radio City Music Hall!

Elias-Clarke Publications- 1221 6th Avenue and West 49th Street, Manhattan.

Lastly, Priestly’s townhome is located on the affluent Upper East Side of Manhattan (which comes as no surprise). A fun fact is that this same house was used to film the last episode of the television series, Gossip Girl, acting as Dan and Serena’s wedding venue!

Priestly’s Apartment- 129 East 73rd Street

And that concludes my “Where They STARted” series! I loved getting the chance to write about a hobby of mine (scoping out the homes and filming locations of the rich and famous) and share it with others. Be sure to check out some of these locations in addition to the ones included in my features on Robert De Niro and Barbra Streisand!


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