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What’s Fizzin’ on Fizz: A Student Review on the New Fizz App

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Have you ever heard of the Fizz app? Well, neither had I, until I was walking around Pace University’s New York City campus the other day being bombarded by flyers, donuts, and people trying to persuade me to download some app called Fizz. The Fizz app is a new social media platform designed for colleges. The app has you register with your university email, which then leads you to join your university community, which essentially is other people from the university that are on the app as well. The Fizz app lets users post anonymously or with their username displayed. After their post is completed, other users can boost it to make it one of the trending posts within the community. The average post consists of written words, memes, and the occasional video. Most of the time, the posts are poking fun at the university or New York City. 

I interviewed some of my peers to see what they thought about the app. My friend, Jessica, a sophomore at Pace, commented, “At first when I heard about the Fizz app I was kind of scared because it was so random. Then I ended up really liking the app because people post silly things and I have fun talking about pace on the app.” Another student, Katie had a different reaction, stating, “I think the app is really funny. I immediately opened it and started laughing. I really think it’s a great app.” Lastly, another sophomore, Emma, commented, “I really like the app because it helps me connect with other students and I like the relatable posts students are making.” 

The people who were interviewed all had positive things to say about the app, emphasizing the connection that students feel. Fizz has multiple ways to connect with students; you can either make a general post or you can directly message other students privately within the app. 

As for my first impression of the app, it was very easy to navigate and understand the main functions of the app like creating posts and viewing posts made by other users. It’s a great way for students to connect with one another online through posting or interacting with posts. While scrolling through Fizz, it makes me realize how similar we are to one another and how many students can be going through similar things. Being on it can bring a feeling of belonging in the university because a lot of students have expressed in the past about how Pace has a lack of school spirit or community, by having access to this platform it can bring us all closer together to truly feel like a community. 

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