What They Don’t Tell You About Getting a Tattoo

Manhattan, New York
United States

So, after years of pining and staring desperately at the calendar waiting for your 18th birthday, you’re finally getting a tattoo! Maybe you have an appointment already booked, or perhaps you’ve just committed to the decision to go and get one. Wherever you are in this process, here are some helpful tips and things to keep in mind from someone who just got her first tattoo!

  1. 1. Do your research!

    Make sure that your artist and the parlor is a good fit for you and the design you want. This is just as important as making sure the salon and artist have good reviews. Also, definitely look up some charts of the body to help you determine the best spot for your tattoo. Most of these charts will tell you where it hurts the most which can make a big difference depending on your pain tolerance. Just remember to research until you’re happy with the answers!


  2. 2. Ladies: don’t get a tattoo on your period!

    It’s unpleasant. Some other typical tips artists give you: don’t go drunk or hungover because it will mess up the design and you bleed more, eat before, make sure you’re well hydrated, and finally wear loose clothing to the parlor!

  3. 3. Regardless of the pain, make sure the tattoo is exactly how you want it

    A good tattoo artist will have you check on it to make sure that the design is exactly how you envisioned it. They’ll also ask you if you want darker colors or thicker lines. Think carefully and be 100% sure you’re happy when you walk out the door because it’s more time and money to come back later to get it fixed. It’s way easier to do one and done instead of coming back time and time again for the same tattoo!


  4. 4. Take care of your tattoo

    Bandage wise, listen to your artist and their care instructions. Another common thing to do is buy Aquafor or Vaseline which helps keep the design looking beautiful, locks in the moisture, and makes it less uncomfortable when your clothing brushes against the design.

  5. 5. Now for the question that everyone wants the answer to yes, it does hurt

    It feels exactly like a needle in your skin. It sucks, but it’s pretty bearable. Some spots are worse than others, so just keep that in mind when you go. Also, the tattoo does hurt after, and it’s a very odd feeling when clothing brushes against a new design. However, it’s not that bad, the pain after the tattoo is pretty mild.


Hopefully, this little guide, tips, and tricks will help you with your upcoming tattoo. I’m sure it’ll look fantastic! Good luck!