What I Miss About College in NYC

When I was living in Florida, I knew I was not staying there for college. In my mind, I was going to California. Little did I know, I would move back to New York during my sophomore year of high school and end up going to college in New York City. Even though this was not what I had imagined, I could not see myself attending school anywhere else. There are so many things about New York City that makes an amazing and unique college experience. Having to leave the city during the spring semester of my freshman year because of COVID-19 was devastating. I decided that it was better for me to stay home and do online classes during the fall semester of my sophomore year as well, considering everything was still up in the air. Now, having been away from the city for seven months, I have a long list of what I miss about NYC. 

Attending Pace University NYC has provided me with a spectacular campus near so many landmarks. I personally loved the proximity to Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge. After classes, I would walk from One Pace Plaza to Seaport and do my homework looking at the water. This scene that is featured in so many TV shows and films was a relaxing spot where I could de-stress from classes, study, or hang out with friends. It was surreal to be able to go there daily. 

Being an art major, I found myself at museums most weekends. At the time, there were some days where I found myself complaining. Now, I would do anything to be able to spend a Saturday at the MET. I miss the intellectual conversations about art pieces that I would have with my fellow classmates or friends that I had dragged along. Being able to physically experience what someone else had created was amazing. Learning about something in class and from a textbook never does the object justice. So, even though there were days where I would have rather not gone to a museum, I would do anything to be there now.

Midnight pizza runs with friends is something I really miss. We all should have been getting ready for bed for classes in the morning. But when someone would text, “Hey, going to Joe’s. You coming?” my friends and I would find ourselves walking the city streets in our pajamas. It was just a few blocks away, but it was a fun little outing that, for a second, would make us forget about classes in the morning. Those moments of laughter as we hurried down the cold, abandoned streets is something I can not wait to experience again. 

Walking everywhere. I never thought that I would enjoy walking as much as I do in the city. I do enjoy taking the subway, but I began to realize how much of the city I had never touched when I was taking the subway everywhere. Slowly, I began, taking the subway one way and then walking back. The city is full of art that I would know absolutely nothing about had I decided that walking was not for me. It became a relaxing activity where I would be able to find myself in new places and explore more of what the city had to offer. I would take my camera and be off, no real destination in mind. 

Now looking back at the choices I have made that lead me to attend college in NYC, I would not change any of them. This was not at all what I expected when going to college since it is not the college campus experience that most people get. However, it was what I needed. I could have continued this list of what I missed about being in the city, but instead, I decided to focus on little moments that now make me smile. Even with this bump, more like a mountain, in the road, I know that soon I will be back in New York City making, even more of these beautiful moments.