What is Bottles 4 Change?

With all of the craziness over the past few months, finding new ways to feel motivated and inspired is what will keep us going. Lola, a fellow Pace student and creator of Bottles 4 Change, DM’d the HC Pace Instagram to inform us of her new passion-project/student-run business.


I had the opportunity to ask Lola some questions (virtually, of course) to get to know more about Bottles 4 Change to see what it’s all about.


What is Bottle 4 Change?

Bottles 4 Change is an organization that focuses on positive change, self-discovery and alacrity. Our goal is to create and further expand community, love, happiness, self-growth, expansion, realization, grounding, and mindfulness, all with a handmade creation that has a personal connection to each client. We currently sell mason jars that are filled with changes (pieces of paper) that consist of things to do, thoughts to ponder, people to communicate with, and anything the client would like to personalize. As the founder, I am a young woman, who is an undergraduate at Pace University, majoring in Business Management that absolutely loves all things positive. I love learning and trying new things, meeting new people, and discovering new aspects of myself. If you’d like more information on who I am, you can check out our Meet the Creator tab on our website: Bottles 4 Change


B 4 B’s Mission Statement:

“Our product leads to self-growth, creates long-lasting relationships, countless new discoveries & so much more. From aesthetically pleasing to an intimate 1 on 1 creation, we are excited to make a difference and spread love, community & happiness.”


Why did you start this company?

I started this company because I want to help people become better versions of themselves in a manner that is practically effortless on their end. People tend to face many issues both known and unknown throughout various times in their life. Our jars can be utilized by almost any age and they are truly inclined to aiding those in need. Even if you are in a great state of mind, Bottles 4 Change can further enhance your state and mindset. Personally, once I created my own jar (The OG) I became a new woman for the better. After what I experienced and continue to experience, it is a feeling that I must share with those willing to (enhance themselves). 


How have you changed your practices during COVID-19?

During COVID-19, we have made the decision to not only clean the surfaces we make the jars on, but we wear gloves when writing and folding the changes, we clean the jars thoroughly before placing in the shipping box and we inform clients to sanitize their hands and jars after they remove the jars from packaging.


What are some of the most important factors in your business strategy?

Since Bottles 4 Change has launched less than a month ago, one of our business strategies is to request feedback from clients and those who explore our site. This is likely to be an ongoing strategy because we feel that constructive feedback is vital to success. Another strategy we utilize are promotions among numerous social media platforms. One of the keys to marketing is to expose your brand where the eyes of your prospective clients may be. Another vital strategy is the variety of jars and the pricing for those varieties. When we first launched our prices were on the pricier side. After about a week, we decided to add factors to the jars and adjust the pricing accordingly. 


What are some struggles that you face as a small business?

As a small business one struggle we face is minimal exposure. We have only recently launched, so marketing and promotions are on the top of our list. Plus, having a variety of different promotional strategies can benefit us now and in the long run. Another struggle is, minimal capital towards promotions and adding to the variety of products we have planned. Once we have established a strong capital, Bottles 4 Change will bring more than jars to change our clients’ lives. One of the final struggles we face is keeping up with government procedures, but we do our best! 


What makes your product unique?

B4C’s products are unique because the clients have the ability to personalize their purchase. Whether it be simplistic or complicated, their requests are accommodated. With consistent use, even minimal use, clients will notice positive changes with their moods, personality and those around them. Bottles 4 Change sells jars that are capable of strengthening mental health for the better, adding an extra spark to one’s life, discovering uncharted potential of oneself, and making room for new opportunities. Bottles 4 Change is capable of everything we’ve included and more. We would like to highlight the fact that success comes from the effort of both Bottles 4 Change and most importantly our clients.


What is your favorite product in Bottles 4 Change’s catalog?

Our favorite product in the catalog is the Self-Care Jar. We often get lost in the stress of keeping our life together, tasks we must complete for school, projects, or work, how the outside world views us, and more. The Self-Care Jar has the ability to put a pause on all the stress and negativity the things we cannot control may bring upon us. The changes within the Self-Care Jar focus on introspection in the best ways possible, an introduction to hobbies that can enhance one's body and mind, a chance to deepen bonds with those we care about, and set time to sit back and relax. Additionally, with our customization option, the perks are endless! 


Follow Bottles 4 Change on Instagram @bottles4c and check out their website bottles4change.myshopify.com!


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