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Valentine’s Day: Also A Day For Self Love

Last year, Valentine’s Day was a lesson in learning to appreciate myself. It was a time of forced reflection. I didn’t want to be alone for that day or its entire weekend, but I was and I had to accept it. I wasn’t worried about the fact that I was single (I am a woman who loves her independence, after all). Instead, I was worried that I didn’t even have my friends to celebrate the day with, since all of them had gone home to their families for the weekend, leaving me in the city with nobody to see and nothing to do. 

I could have sulked about my circumstantial loneliness the whole weekend, but instead, I told myself that I was going to have a great time by taking myself on a date. I took myself to a museum, got peppermint tea at a cute little corner cafe, and explored Midtown. This year, I know that a lot of other people are going to go through what I went through last year, but without the opportunity to spend it out in the city due to COVID-19. Of course, FaceTime and Zoom allow us to see our loved ones, even if just through a screen. But if these platforms are also closed to you, here are some tips for how to spend Valentine’s Day treating yourself to a date in the comfort of your own home:

Treat yourself to some of your favorite food. 

Whether that be dinner, dessert, or both, anything is possible! We can’t dine out just yet, but we can certainly order in. Not only will you be treating yourself to a delicious meal, but you’ll also be helping out some of your local businesses! If you’re in the mood for something sweet, I’d highly recommend the cafe Grace Street in Koreatown (chocolate or strawberry mochi with the iced rose milk tea with bubbles is my go-to).

Pamper yourself. 

Do that face mask that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, put those bath salts into the water and let the aroma whisk you away to a dreamland when you close your eyes, or light those candles and read that enticing novel that you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to start. The possibilities for mindless self-care are endless.

Make yourself a good ol’, lovely playlist of your favorite songs. 

We all have those songs that just make us feel so happy, we can’t just sit silent or still when we listen to them. Some of my latest, favorite feel-good songs have been “Queendom” by AURORA, “gold rush” by Taylor Swift, “Good Days” by SZA, “Dynasty” by Rina Sawayama, “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz, and “Kyoto” by Phoebe Bridgers. Sing loudly and dance wildly. Be free!

Rewatch a favorite movie, or watch a new one that you think you’ll love! 

I know Valentine’s Day is typically for chick flick movies, but you can really watch anything you desire. My favorite genre is thriller/ horror, and I would recommend Ready or Not (2019) for a horror comedy surrounding the pleasure of in-laws. It’s incredibly satisfying. If you’re not into movie-watching, then you can also treat yourself to a fun tv show or even your favorite content on YouTube, Twitch, or other social media streaming sites!

Most of all, remember that you’re not the only one spending this holiday alone, this year or any year. So buy yourself some flowers and remember that you deserve to love yourself the way that you would love anyone else on this holiday.

Jayni is a sophomore at Pace University’s New York City campus. Her major is English Language & Literature and her minor is Psychology. She has a particular joy for analyzing books, music, movies, and tv shows. When she is not working or reading, you can find her playing FromSoftware video games and doing diamond dot paintings.
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