The Truth About Detoxing From Your Birth Control

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After taking birth control for three years, I have come to the conclusion that it's time I detoxed my body of the copious amounts of hormones I've been pumping into it for 1,095 days straight. The type of birth control I was prescribed was Lo Lo Estrin Fe. When I was taking it, I never got my period (which was normal and an added plus), my skin was next to perfect, and I rarely had cramps during the last week of my pack. But there were a few things that I did dislike about the pill, I was extremely bloated the entire month, my appetite never seemed satisfied, I was slightly more emotional than usual (and I'm pretty emotional, to begin with), and no matter how healthy I ate or how often I worked never seemed as if I could shed the few pounds I had put on which was most likely water weight. 

So, let's get real about what it's actually like when you stop taking your birth control after three years. 

1. You will break out, a lot.

2. You will slowly become less bloated.

3. Your appetite is likely to change, as it is adjusting itself. 

4. You'll begin to experience some cramping again.

5. You'll notice a change in your appearance as you begin to shed the water weight. 

6. You will suddenly be turned off to certain foods. 

7. Your energy levels will be higher. 

8. You will experience a shift in your mood, feeling a bit happier. 

9. You will eventually get your period again (this part I could do without!!!)

After a long debate with myself, I decided it was time to take a break from the pill. Although I felt pretty good while I was on it, I began to feel less and less like myself. I wasn't as motivated as usual and had little to no energy to complete basic tasks. I'm testing the waters to see if there is a noticeable difference once I have been completely off the pill for about a month or so. Already, I am feeling more like myself.