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A Trip to Tree Hill

After a number of friends urged me to watch, I started One Tree Hill two summers ago and breezed through the series. I ended up loving the show. For almost a year now, I’ve been wanting to visit Wilmington, North Carolina, where the show was filmed. I’m happy to say that the trip finally happened! Being that I’m from Virginia, the journey to Tree Hill was only a day trip away.

Our first stop on the list was the Riverfront area. There, we saw the table where Haley tutored Nathan, the store that acted as Karen’s Café and Cape Fear Community College which acted as Tree Hill High. While I was thrilled to see all of these locations, I wanted to save the bigger, more recognizable ones for last.

Our next stop on the list was Peyton Sawyer’s house. Surprisingly, the house looked just as it did when the show aired back in 2003 and Haley’s house was right across the street, how convenient!

Afterwards, we saw a few other key locations like Nathan’s house, Brooke’s house and the building used for TRIC. On our way to the last location, we stopped at the bridge that Lucas dribbles his basketball across during the shows opening credits. The bridge was covered in messages from fans.

Our last stop, and probably one of my favorites, was Clay’s beach house. Although Clay was only on the show for three seasons, I loved his character and so many crucial scenes were filmed at his house. You could see directly into the backyard of the house from the beach!

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